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I have a Carrier 50TJ unit that on start up the 1st stage ices up on the top of the coil but the bottom 3 passes do not get guys checked. If you need to replace the condenser coils in your Carrier 50TJ series unit, Nationwide Coils is here to help. It is no longer necessary to source replacement . Carrier Packaged Unit/RTU Model 50TJ (50TJ) Parts – Shop online or call Fast shipping. Open 7 days a week. day return .

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Buyers pay a commission in addition to the accepted offer. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. We can also help carrie get more information by facilitating a conference call with the Item Seller.

CARRIER 50TJQH Air – For Sale Used

So a new unit was only a few hundred dollars more installed because of the crane but now has a new warranty. My guys checked the super heat and it is only 2 degrees,and the charge seems ok. 50tn and Education Pro’s Forum: All Categories All Categories: Building Science Discussions Pro’s Forum: Soooo, I got out my coil gun and cleaned this “restricted” coil Call us at 50j Where will it be delivered Business.

Someone had come out saying the coil needed replaced because there was a restriction “in” the system, condensor side. But the price for the coil ended up being more expensive than a new unit figure that out.


Offer full Price caerier Buy it Now! Contact the seller X. Submit an Offer at or above Minimum Bid to enter into a negotiation with the Seller. If you have further questions please use the ‘Contact the Seller’ button. Then One Foggy Service Call The Thrill of Exceeding Expectations.

AHI Carrier : Product Detail: package roof top units : 50LJ/50TJ

Power Quality Pro’s Forum: Building Success with Routines and Rituals. Does carriier know anything about these metering devices as it seems to us that there may be a restriction or something causing the bottom of the coil to not get cold.

I would say you definetly have a restriction those carrier units with that setup are notorious for clogging. Subscribe to this feed.

BoE does not guarantee carrisr accuracy. This item has today. Oil Burners Pro’s Forum: The cost of flushing the unit and putting in removable filter driers would be expensive.

Carrier 50TJ I have a Carrier 50TJ unit that on start up the 1st stage ices up on the top of the coil but the bottom 3 passes do not get cold. The descriptions and photos on this page are posted by the Seller. It is not a bad job just be careful you don’t need alot of heat. You can inspect any Item.

BoE Account is required to Place Offers and request shipping quotes. The coil wasn’t dirty. No fees or obligation to buy until the Seller accepts an offer.

Try This PDF:   BROCADE 200E PDF

CARRIER 50TJ-020-610QH Air Conditioners – Lot of 6

The refrigerant side was dirty and they didn’t want worry about any problems so they said just get a new unit. Yes indeedy the coil is blocked at the aculator,and they suggest changing it,as from what they told me 1 in 20 gets lucky and they can get it unblocked.

This is NOT a timed auction. I just talked to Carrier,they gave me the bad news. Also, confused with the diagnosis, you say the bottom 5tj the coil wasnt getting cold, then you said you only had 2 deg.

That was two years ago, and every spring since I save her from spending several thousand dollars, or so she sees it. General Cagrier Pro’s Forum: But what I found was there was only a dirty coil. I don’t know what caused this unit to fail but it was practically brand new.

Give us a call at during normal business hours for more information. No, its ok, you didnt read the post right. This listing is now closed. Please See Description for Details.

It’s really not that hard to pull and clean the orfices.