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Abu Hamid Muhammad al-Ghazzali () is one of the most important Ghazzali’s “The Alchemy of Happiness”, written toward the end of his life. Kimiya-yi Sa’ādat was a book written by Abū Ḥāmid Muḥammad ibn Muḥammad al-Ghazālī, a Persian theologian, philosopher, and prolific Sunni Muslim. by Imam Al-Ghazzali Ghazzali, called him “the most original mind among Arabian philosophers.” The first four chapters of The Alchemy of Happiness are a.

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The Alchemy of Happiness

One of the arguments is derived from dreams. Many of the same paradoxes and problems that startle or fascinate in the nineteenth century are here discussed.

In our Lord the prophet Mohammed Mustafa, these three specialities Edition: Beloved, the falsehood and error of these people appear from this consideration. But the attention bestowed by the pilgrim upon his camel, should be only in that proportion vy is really necessary.

The Alchemy of Happiness Index

They are devils and deserve judicial death. There is neither any profit to God from our worship, or any injury done him by our disobedience.

And if you possess angelic qualities, whose nature it is to worship God in sincerity and continually to await the vision of His beauty, then like them you should unceasingly, resting neither day or night, be zealous and strive that you may become worthy of the vision of the Lord.

The law, however, gives no permission to develop this secret, and it is not lawful to stretch out one’s hand to do what the legislator forbids.

And there is alchsmy a window in the heart from whence it surveys the intelligible world. If we worship God, we shall learn what good it did in the future world; and if we do not worship him, there will neither be any advantage or harm.

This is a must read. It is possible even to change these qualities, by doing only what reason requires, and by respecting the restrictions of the law. The first advantage will be, that in learning the composition of the thing made, and thereby gaining a comprehensive and condensed view of all other things like it he will see that it is impossible to discover imperfection or incompetence in the being who has created him in such perfection.


Still his writings were less known than either of the two others. If you look at the firmness and resolution of man, what is imak contemptible than he imak But this is a thing which it is impossible to do.

His greatness and power are above and beyond the comprehension of the mind and wisdom of man. It is the sovereign of the body, which is ghazalj vehicle, and all the external and internal organs of the body are its subjects. O, inquirer after divine mysteries!

One class includes those which result from the union existing between your body and your spirit, viz: Know, then, O seeker, that the animal spirit belongs to the inferior world. For that which we seek is not the vehicle of the spirit, but the spirit itself.

And if a person take a piece of money or a morsel of bread from them, the world becomes too straight for them, and every thing looks dark. Just as we see, that books on alchemy, and students of alchemy are very numerous, while those who are successful are the least of few, so the path of mysticism is sought for by all men, and longed alhemy by all classes of society, yet those who Edition: As a writer Al-Ghazali is quite talented, the point he wants to convey he does so effortlessly and with simplicity.

The fountain of the animal spirit is in that heart which is in the left side of the breast, and is a piece of flesh. There is spirit, beloved, which is called animal spirit, which is susceptible of division.

For know, O student of the mysteries! If the food provided for the body is excessive, the body will be destroyed: Love of this world and the next are quite hard, perhaps impossible to exist in parallel. Just in the same manner as when you see a beautiful specimen of calligraphy or some elegant verses, you praise the person who made them, you feel a love for him in your heart and desire eagerly to see him. In the same way the enjoyment of the heart depends upon its being employed in that for which it was created, in learning to know every thing in its reality and truth.


To abstain from sins of rebellion, brings peace to the heart: Al-Ghazali ghazaoi in practical-ethical perfection and that by exercising his God-given capacity for reason man must be drawn to zlchemy spiritual alchemy ikam transforms the soul from worldliness to complete devotion to God.

If he has not been appointed to invite the nations, but worships in accordance with the law of another, he is called a saint, and that which Edition: And he engaged with earnestness now truthfully, and now erroneously, in refuting these men. It is a market opened in the wilderness, where those who are travelling on their way to God, may collect and prepare provisions for their journey, and depart thence to God, without sorrow or despondency.

In short, man in this world, is framed in infirmity and imperfection. In token of respect, the servants set before him silver washing-basins, vessels of costly stones, perfumes of musk and amber with chafing dishes. Every thing which concerns man is with God, and his works will all be presented before Him.

In the same manner as there is falsity, in the gy in which the material world is regarded by the natural man and the astrologer, there is also a diversity of views among those who survey the spiritual world. But when the heart is not free from impurity, or when, on waking, it busies itself with things of sense, the side towards the tablet will be obscured, and it can view nothing.