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View and Download Yupiteru MVT operating instructions manual online. Wide band hand held receiver. MVT Receiver pdf manual download. View and Download Yupiteru MVT owner’s manual online. multiband receiver. MVT Receiver pdf manual download. Yupiteru MVT Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Yupiteru MVT- Owner’s Manual.

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The Skip function has no effect on active priority channel signals. Erasing Priority Channel Data Once a priority channel has been programmed to memory, it is easy to erase the channel contents.

Enabling Priority Mode Once the desired priority channel has been programmed, it is now ready to be checked for activity. See Delay in the Other Features section for further details. The Two Search Modes: Stored with each search band are a starting frequency, ending frequency, receive mode and step size. The DLY yupiteru mvt-7100 manual disappears. When in VFO yupitery 1. Display the yupiteru mvt-7100 manual channel 2.


When the end of memory is reached in either direction, yupiteru mvt-7100 manual will simply wrap around to the other end and continue. The MVT contains a brilliant backlighting system which is used to illuminate both the display and keypad for nighttime operations.


Display the desired priority channel 2. Mvt-7100 set scan pass 1. Using this feature effectively restores the radio to the condition it was in when it left the factory. The priority channel does not support program scan and therefore can not be tagged. When the last frequency has been removed, the radio will return to VFO mode. Pass Refers to scanning and searching operations. Yupiteru mvt-7100 manual of which will drastically shorten their lifespan.

Make sure the radio is in VFO mode 2. While Scanning If the scan stops on a channel that you do not wish to have scanned in the future, this channel can be yupiteru mvt-7100 manual by: Bank Program This mode is used to scan every programmed memory channel which has been specially tagged with the program scan setting PGM indicator from up to four specified banks from The ATT indicator appears.

Displaying Priority Channel Data The Priority channel is located at the end of yupiteru mvt-7100 manual memory and can be simply though mvt-7010 as memory channel number The priority channel can not be copied uypiteru the VFO. Now in VFO mode 3. Starting a search or scan yupiteru mvt-7100 manual off the battery saver.

Program This mode scans memory channels yupitwru have been specially tagged.

Yupiteru MVT-7100 Manuals

The MVT has 10 search bands which are used to perform band searches. Search band A feature which allows yupiteru mvt-7100 manual pre-defined frequency range to be programmed so that it can be repeatedly yupiteru mvt-7100 manual for active transmissions. Each time a memory write copying VFO to memory is performed, the current memory channel is incremented by manhal.


This yupitfru is called scan pass and is covered yupiteru mvt-7100 manual more detail under Scanning Modes.

On most radios, this feature is referred to as channel lockout. Make sure the radio has stopped on the desired frequency 2. Memory Organization Battery Saver. The Attenuator is used to reduce the strength of signals entering into the receiver. Memory bank An association of memory channels.

Use the rotary control or arrow keys to display any remaining frequencies in the memory. Display the desired pass frequency 2. Specify up to four banks from by pressing the appropriate digit keys 2. The LAMP button must be yupiteru mvt-7100 manual and held to activate the backlight.

Bank This mode allows for up to four specified banks to be scanned. To enable the beep tone 1. The PRI indicator disappears. To move around within the yupiteru mvt-7100 manual channels 1.