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4 Dec Oh man So before I get to the good news (another update to “The Yii Book”), I should answer the million-dollar question of “Why in the. 12 Sep As you may know, I’ll be writing and self-publishing a book on the Yii framework this fall. I’m working on the table of contents now, and will likely. 31 Oct I am very happy to say that, after much delay, “The Yii Book: Developing Web Applications Using the Yii PHP Framework”, is now available for.

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For starters, my family has really high medical bills, and we need the health insurance. Additionally to the guide-style chapters there are two complete example chapters: Thank you for this book.

Even on a skim read, I get so much more of the logic ullmsn Yii I knew it was there somewhere. Thank you for your support.

Yii 2 and the Yii Book

The book is a set of individual independent recipes written by Yii core developer. I don’t know how long that will take. The second edition of the book is incomplete! I found it simply great. This book is now my bible. If you have any questions, see the FAQ page. Thanks for this ullmqn book! Written by former Yii core developer, the book takes a strong learn-by-doing philosophy to introducing you to the Yii framework.

Yii 2 and the Yii Book | Larry Ullman

You will also be given the chance to set a password in order to create an account. At that time, so long ago, I could spend many full days or even weeks on the book, which I did to get the first half of the book or so done.


I’ve been waiting patiently carefully watching your blogs and tweets. I’ve dabbled with various frameworks and tutorials but the learning curve always seemed too steep to justify me spending my billable time on it!

The Yii Book

The book is really fantastic, it’s easy to read and rich in valuable content. You finally made me understand the “philosophy” of Yii. I’m really enjoying laarry Yii book and tutorial series.

I’m glad to say it is written in your usual style, brilliant, easy to read and understand. Your tutorials helped me a lot for my ongoing Yii project, so I’m happy to payback.

I can’t wait to read the rest chapters! Your Yii Book is exactly what I have been searching for. The book will guide you through several projects from the project conception through to planning your project and implementation.

It covers everything from the very basics such as installing Yii to advanced topics such as implementing your own framework extension. I really appreciate your thorough writing style – easy for me to understand. Your coverage of the Yii widgets is exemplary.

I look forward to reading and learning more as it becomes available. Just wanted to say thank you for providing such high quality work! I have been waiting on the edge of my seat for a while now and I’m glad to finally see it coming together!

“The Yii Book” by Larry Ullman::Reviews

So updating the entire book—24 chapters—is at least a full days of work. I’d got as far as that when I did it myself a while ago but I never really knew what was happening behind the scenes so it’s cleared a lot up for me. Thanks to this book I am understanding for the first time many of the things that were dark to me, it is very well written and explained. Note Some of the links contained within this site have my referral id e.


This is a rare opportunity, to be able to read a book while it’s being written, to be able to contribute to it and to see it being molded as it goes. Additionally to the guide-style chapters there are two complete examples. It’s some of the best technical writing Larrry ever read.

It would have kept me from developing some bad habits and making lots of mistakes. I’m sure you hear that a lot. If you’d rather wait until the entire book is done for Yii 2, then please come back later.

Thank you for all of the helpful information. After a brief introduction to the framework in chapters 1 and 2, the remaining 10 chapters are dedicated to building an entire project managemnt application. The way you approach the topics beats any of the dozens of technical books that I own or that I have ever read. The right to download updates to the book—for free—until December 31, While I’m only on chapter 3, I just wanted to drop you yii note and thank bopk for writing.

The book starts with the very basics: These days I’m studying “The Yii Book”. Then gradually shows how to use Yii. It is such a pleasure to read. I just want to drop a line to comment on booj nice and clear your book is coming along. It was really good.