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The English edition presents Watchman Nee’s own work in the English language; he was directly responsible for its translation and editing. Any differences. The Normal Christian Life has ratings and reviews. Dave said: Oh. My. God. This is the best book I’ve ever read–and I absolutely mean that wit. Th s book s a work of love and obed ence for my Father n heaven, my Lord. Jesus Chr st sa d that there are few on th s The Doctrine of the Christian Life.

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If I can only please thee, it is enough. I read this book five times. It is death to have a wineskin without wine, but it is loss to have wine without a wineskin. This book is intended for those nre, having learned something of the cross, know the corruption of human nature, and seek to walk, not after the flesh, but after the Spirit.

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I’ve been learning recently, and this book wonderfully confirms that lesson, that the most important lessons of the Christian life are those we’ve already learned but that need to be learned ever anew and more deeply. May the Lord graciously open our eyes. But after reading it this year, I was truly amazed by the various aspects that are required of us to live a normal Christian life which just focuses all on Jesus Christ Himself.

The book’s enduring appeal is not only due to Nee’s exposition of Romans but also to the many illustrations, personal accounts, and anecdotes that Nee used. I highly recommend this for Christians who watcuman seeking to grow in their understanding of their walk with Christ.


I dread the latter far more than the former. Christianity is not only built upon precepts, but also upon examples.

It is natural, therefore, that these things have been the burden of our ministry. Thanks for the confirming comment. This book is amazing to say the least and would reccommend to any Christian, new or old. But, more than this, it is for such as honestly and truly mean business with God, for those whose hearts are open and have no padlocked mind or thf.

To Judas and even the Disciples this was a terrible waste should have been sold to help the poor, etc.

So the question is not whether it is outward or inward, but whether it is in the Spirit or in the letter. The blood disposed of our sins, while the cross strikes at the root of our capacity to sin. In the first part of Romans “sins” is given prominent attention and deals with the question of the sins man has committed before God.

The Normal Christian Church Life – by Watchman Nee

We may assent to, and even enjoy, the teaching, but we shall never truly loathe ourselves. Secrets of Watchman Nee. I have enjoyed Phil 2: This means that the Christian life is the yielding of all the dictates of our flesh and be of subjection to the Spirit.

Missionary methods, as such, do not interest me at all. I can’t express what this book has taught me and how it has helped me come to a better understanding of the true meaning of the Gospel and the Christian life. Satan is a master of subtlety, and if we’re not careful, he can lead us into leading a counterfeit Christian life that so often passes for the real thing. These are the lessons that every Ned need to be returning to over and over again because they’re the lessons that we seem to forget most easily.


Nee concentrates on this idea of ‘waste’. This is a new experience for me.

I know of no other book which does as a complete a job of explaining how Romans plays out in our lives. We hope that many will benefit from these spiritual riches.

The following is a list of noise words: I have no problem with that. It is theologically sound, very accessible, and practical. To put it in other words, it is written for those who are already in the good of Ephesian truths, so that they may know how to express their service along Liff lines. He also has chapters on the Body of Christ, the soul and its part in our walk, bearing the cross daily, and the goal of the Gospel. Table of Contents of 9 Section 1 of 1. Watchman Nee so clearly communicates the Gospel message and the effect of Christ’s christiah death on the Cross.

Content that includes the search words in close proximity to each other awtchman ranked above those that do not. Are there not many things he can learn simply by watching his parents or his elder brothers and sisters? Books by Watchman Nee. Watchman Nee was an amazing man as well, as I learned reading a biography. But how can this be done?