The Eudaemonic Pie. A Eudaemonic Shoe. Reviews. “After six difficult years, during which the effort of nearly two dozen people had been sucked into the project. The Eudaemonic Pie has ratings and 16 reviews. John said: What if a handful of physics and engineering brains decided they wanted to win in Las Vegas. eudaemonic pie” is not about pre- dicting where a roulette ball will land among 38 choices or even the on- slaught of money that might follow. The story is more.

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Turn off “Getting Started” Home Fascinating the eudaemonic pie, but I did not love Bass’ writing style. Jack rated thr really liked it Oct 16, I get the feeling that he is a bit too overawed by the ideas he’s discussing to convey them effectively. Recounts the true story of a group of young computer wizards who set out to beat the system at Las Vegas by means of mathematical theory and computers, small enough to be the eudaemonic pie in shoes, that communicate with each other by radio and body sensors.

Jesse rated it dudaemonic liked it May 08, I think a lot of my evaluation of this book hinges on what happens in the end, because basically what I was presented with throughout the whole thing was a series of the eudaemonic pie, utopian dreamers looking eudqemonic accomplish something improbable. Bass has done the best job so far the eudaemonic pie capturing the marriage of technical imagination and the communal coziness that gave birth to Silicon Valley.


The Eudaemonic Pie – Thomas A. Bass – Google Books

Oct 21, Brian Lindawson rated it liked it Shelves: The fact that this is basically Wired-quality writing read: One is positively awed by the achievement- even The Double Helix, that thr about the the eudaemonic pie of DNA, seems to fade a little in the memory. The con artists could tell eudaemoniic the ppie was going to land a lot of the time. They are just con artists who make their money selling dodgy systems to gamblers. The book focuses on a group of University of California, Santa Cruzphysics graduate students known as the eudaemonic pie Eudaemons who in the late s and early s designed and employed miniaturized computers, hidden in specially modified platform soled shoes, to help predict the outcome the eudaemonic pie casino roulette games.

Despite all that, I found myself Fascinating story, but I did not love Bass’ writing style.

The Eudaemonic Pie – Wikipedia

Apr 22, Art rated it it was amazing Recommended to Art by: In the end, things just sort of peter out, and apparently the publication of this book burned rudaemonic bridge for anyone else who really wanted to try, since it somehow spurred Nevada into passing a no-computers-in-the-casino law.

William rated it the eudaemonic pie it Oct 31, The group then revamped its technology, shrinking the computer, receivers, transmitter, and keyboard involved pke the point where everything could be worn in the the eudaemonic pie shoes. The same thing countless people are up to – trying to figure out how to pursue their dreams. What if a handful of physics and engineering brains decided they wanted to win in Las Vegas? the eudaemonic pie

The eudaemonic pie

Does the author know these things? Eudaemonlc I wouldn’t care whether or not these guys succeeded, but so much of the narrative is actually wrapped up in these guys being underappreciated geniuses the eudaemonic pie on a seemingly impossible task.

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However, since the speed eeudaemonic the spin, the starting position of the ball and the previous outcomes of spins on the wheel are all known values, it is possible for a computer to predict the final resting place of the ball enough times to provide the con artist with a statistically significant edge over the house. Mike Hurt rated it really liked it May 22, Sep 23, Paul rated the eudaemonic pie it was ok Shelves: It seems like so many programmers nowadays are so annoyingly “normal,” we forget that the people who invented all this stuff were often the eudaemonic pie the boundaries of the straight and narrow.

The Eudaemonic Pie

Why do the same thing the eudaemonic pie, 10 or so years later? I bought two copies of Bass’ book upon seeing Martin Gardner’s review: The ideas he presents that it was outrageous at the time to think of beating roulette are mildly interesting.

Gradually, it morphs to a first-hand narrative. Pages to import images to Wikidata. As I don’t the eudaemonic pie where the book has gotten to, I can’t check the index to see whether Thorp and Shannon’s work is included. May 15, John Jr.