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R&S®MMHS: military command and control in line with the STANAG NATO standard. The R&S®MMHS military message handling system covers. MMHS (Military Message Handling System) is a profile and set of extensions to X. for messaging in military environments. It is NATO standard STANAG Switch ACP Gateway to STANAG & MMHS over SMTP. ACP is an older military messaging protocol, which remains in widespread use along with a .

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Stanag 4406 works to transfer data reliably from one system, to one or more recipient systems. With a headquarters unit, the EMCON status is simpler as it would never be in EMCONbut there may be many more channels, for example to support multiple satellites with different ships reached through different satellite services.

A ship will typically have two or more communication channels: The above scenario shows use of Satellite to reach the command ship and broadcast Stanag 4406 high frequency radio for communication with the stanag 4406 units in the task force.

STANAG Military Messaging

SMTP email is widely used. More information on general product capabilities for military messaging can be found on stanag 4406 M-Switch X.

This API is ideal for applications and special purpose clients that require to be connected to an MMHS infrastructure with a minimum of intervening software. MConsole’s tracking of messages is shown in the screenshot below. Communication with submarines introduces a number of stanag 4406 requirements.


The Audit Database also enables tracking of messages, delivery reports and inter-personal notifications read receipts. This approach uses an Stanag 4406 on the same machine as the mail client.

Military Messaging over HF Radio and Satellite using STANAG 4406 Annex E

This approach gives stanag 4406 number of advantages as configuration can be:. The paper so far has primarily considered use of a single constrained bandwidth communication channel. This enables use of any standards compliant MM-UA. Another Isode white paper, Packaging Military Messaging for HF Stanag 4406 and other Low Bandwidth Links provides a different perspective, looking at stanag 4406 and how component products are grouped together.

The benefits of this approach are:. Isode recommends the SAFEmail. It is particularly important for High Grade messaging, where features of X.

Isode’s military messaging solution is summarized on the web page: This stanag 4406 considers a number of scenarios where the technologies described here are important.

The MTA will enable local message stanag 4406 and give a natural external interface. A separate product page gives a more general overview of M-Switch X. A key operational requirement is partner interoperability, and this will generally involve interconnect with other networks, operating STANAG or stanag 4406 protocols. In Stanag 4406, messages can be received from shore or from other vessels, but not transmitted between ships or back to shore.


This is convenient for large deployments. Isode provides a cross-platform simple API, which enables an application to operate over a P3 or P7 connection as below.

Annex E defines stanag 4406 and procedures stanag 4406 integrating an X. It can be seen that these multi-channel scenarios add some significant complexity. Exchange and earlier provide native X. Submarines may make use of higher bandwidth channels stanag 4406 they are on the surface. ACP is the legacy protocol used for military formal messaging. This section shows that many real deployments have multiple communication channels.

The diagram above shows the protocol stack used over HF Radio.

In the scenario stanag 4406 above, there is no direct communication from field HQ to a second field unit. Key features of M-Switch X.

ing | FortiGuard

This end to end protocol is based on the Stanag 4406. The combinations in use will depend on threats:.

To support multicast, multicast support is necessary in all of the routers used.