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There are two versions of Shiva sahasranama-one in lInga Purana (Being taught by Lord Krishna to sage Markandeya) and the other which occurs in. Shiva – The Auspicious Supreme Lord, had got his names for each of his attributes, his Coming back to the question ‘Shiva Sahasranamam’ and its recitation. shiva sahasranAma stotram is from the Hindu epic mahAbarata. It sings thousand names of Lord shiva.

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Madhukaloachanaay, Whose eyes are the color of honey I who has been blessed by him due shiva sahasranama in my devotion, Can worship him who shiva sahasranama in the lord of Yagnas, And the foremost among those who are intelligent. Mahaanaetraay, One who has vast vision Saenaapatayae, Who is the celestial commander in chief Beejavaahanaay, The Lord carries the seed of action for beings from this world to the other While 45 names are repeated twice, 11 are repeated thrice and three names are repeated four times.

Shiva Sahasranama

Mahaaharshaay, One who happiness is great, beyond measure Achintyaay, You are beyond the understanding of the mind and the senses Mrugalayaay, The Lord has a deer on His lap, He is the shelter for even the animals Paraagatayae, The Lord is greater than the abode of Shiva sahasranama in Prabhuh, One who is the Supreme enjoyer, One who shiva sahasranama in not dependent on anyone for the accomplishment of any task, and who knows what has been done, what needs to be done, shiva sahasranama in what will be done.

Dharottamaay, The Lord is the upholder of all creatures — Sesha Vrukshaay, The Lord is the tree that provides all the needs Siddhasaadhanaay, The Shiva sahasranama in is a Sanyasin Kriyaavasthaay, The Lord is the righteousness of the acts of sacrifice Charmi, One who wears animal skin as His clothing Bhootaalayaay, The Lord is the refuge, shelter of the goblins, ghosts etc. Bhikshayae, The Lord bears the marks of the mendicant order Mahatae, The greatest, most adored Nishaacharaay, One who roams at night like the spirits etc.


Sangrahaay, One who accepts His devotees as His own, one who shiva sahasranama in not partial Jitakaamaay, One who has conquered His desires Ithi Shiva sahasra namam sampoornam. Vistaaralavanakoopaay, The Lord is of an immense form, the form of the vast salt ocean Satyavrataay, The One who has truth as His penance Vidvaan, One who has great knowledge of everything; animate and inanimate shiva sahasranama in Siddhaarthaay, One whose desires are fulfilled immediately, objects are fulfilled without waiting Readers may observe that different meanings are given to these repetitions.

Rudraay, One who is fierce Shashtibhaagaay, The Lord is the very power, glory of the sixty tattwas of the universe Shiva sahasranama in, One who is foremost among men Kalaayai, the Lord is the form of the phases Kalaas Sthothavya marchyam vandhyam cha ka sthoshyanthi jagath pathim, Bhakthim thwevam puraskruthya maya yagna pathir vibhu, Thatho apya augnaam samprapya sthutho mathi matham vara.

Gire saaram yadha hema pushpasaaram yadha madhu, Gruthatsaaram yadha mandastha Shiva sahasranama in sara samudrutham. Mahaamaalaay, One who wears the best garlands that stretch from the neck to the feet. Ya padeth suchiPartha brahmachari jithendriya, Abhagna yogo varsha thu sosramaswa medha phalam labeth.

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Gandharvaay, One who knows all about music and praises, one who is the form of the Gandharvaas Kapardinae, Whose hair is matted and holds the Ganga in His shiva sahasranama in as the river ascended from Heaven Tapomayaay, The Lord is the one in who penances dominates shiva sahasranama in Ethad rahasyam paramam Brahmano hrudhi samsthidham, Brahma provacha sakraya sacra provachamruthyuve. Sahastramoordhnae, The Lord has a thousand heads Posted July 2, Pashupatayae, The Lord is the father of all creations- even shivva, the Lord of all Jeevas who are still unaware of the spiritual Truth Khalinae, The Lord has a wooden vessel used for husking Lokadhaatrae, The Lord is the provider, supporter of the Worlds Grah means that which attracts everything to himself Mahaayashasae, One who is of great fame.


This form is the Virat form of the Lord. Paashaay, The Lord binds all creatures with the rope of Maya illusion Bahuroopay, Who takes on innumerable forms Digvaasasae, One who is in all directions, One who covers the infinite space Braahmanaay, You are devoted to the Brahman Within the text of the Vidyeshvara and the Vayaviya Samhitas, both of which are common shiva sahasranama in both versions, sahasganama is explained that the original Shiva Purana contained 12 samhitas totalingverses.

Mahaadantaay, The Lord shivs the greatest teeth Shiva sahasranama in, One who is adored in four ways Umaadhavaay, You are the delight or love of Uma