The evolution wireless series ew IEM G3. .. Heed all warnings and follow all instructions in this instruction manual. • Only clean the product and the mains. ew IEM G3 – Live Microphone – Wireless Monitoring System with PC 1 NT 2 power supply unit; 1 antenna; 2 AA size batteries; Operating instructions. Important safety instructions. The evolution wireless series ew IEM G3. .. Heed all warnings and follow all instructions in this instruction manual.

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The BAG2 battery pack can be placed directly into the L charger for charging.

In stressfull situations, for example on stage or sennheiser ew 300 iem g3 manual a live show or presentation, it is important that the devices are easy to operate and that adjustments to the settings can be made quickly and instinctively. If you turn on the receivers with the microphones manuap and you are seeing a lot of RF activity senjheiser indicates that something in the RF environment has changed and now the frequency which was previously “clean” and hence usable is now “dirty” ie there is an external RF signal on it and you will need to set the receiver to use a different frequency.

Press the button to activate the lock-mode function. Ek Iem G2 Stereo Receiver The display starts flashing. This sennhheiser take about 60 seconds, depending on model. The Channel Bank System Use a slightly damp cloth to clean the device from time to time.



When using the ew IEM system in combination with radiomicrophone systems, a minimum channel spacing of 8 MHz should be maintained to avoid RF breakthrough between systems. Back on your receiver, push the “SYNC” button on the front panel.

Empfehlungen Und Tipps The sennheiser ew 300 iem g3 manual clip is secured so that it cannot slide out of its fixing points accidentally. Page 15 Putting the devices into operation Daisy chaining audio signals You can transmit the same audio signal e. If the initial results list doesn’t appear to show any available frequencies try changing the “ATT” drop down menu from 30 dB to 40 dB and the color indicators for available frequencies will adjust accordingly.

Sennheiser ew 300 IEM G3 Manuals

The evolution wireless series is equipped with HDX, the new Sennheiser noise reduction system that reduces RF interference. Ear-canal phones, with various ear-fitting pads maunal an individual fit, reproduce the signal from the adaptive diversity receiver precisely and faithfully.

Depending on which system is being used the exact steps on how to change frequencies will vary. Exiting The Operating Menu Make sure that you set the transmitter to the same frequency bank and the same mahual as the receiver. Recomendaciones Y Sugerencias G3 product page at www. In a vacant television channel you can operate up to 8 wireless microphone systems or about 6 wireless IEM systems. Do not use these feet if rackmounting the transmitter. Commercial use is subject to the rules and regulations of the trade association responsible.


Accesorios Y Repuestos An important step in setting up a system is to tune the equipment properly to ensure that external RF signals are avoided and hence interference sennheiser ew 300 iem g3 manual avoided.

Nt Mains Unit Microphone clamp black more. You may need sennheiser ew 300 iem g3 manual perform a fresh scan at each new location, to make sure you’re using the most reliable frequency for your wireless mics. You can choose the content of the standard display i. Please protect your hearing, Sennheiser headphones have an excellent sound quality even at low volumes.

EK IEM G3 diversity receiver Do not place the product near any heat sources such as radiators, heat registers, stoves, or other devices including amplifiers that produce heat. Selecting The Standard Display Table of contents Table Of Contents