Sembene Ousmane’s novel Xala examines the paradoxes which color an African world emerging from a history of French colonial rule. His protagonist, El Hadji. 15 Nov A review, and links to other information about and reviews of Xala by Sembène Ousmane. Ousmane Sembene’s. Xala: The Novel, the Film, and Their Audiences. Josef Gugler and Oumar CherifDiop. The artist must in many ways be the mouth and the.

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Everything seems in working order, but then it isn’t, and the sembene ousmane xala is clear: This impotence hits him where it hurts, a blow to his ego and manhood that he doesn’t know how to handle.

Select a purchase option. El Hadji’s economic aspirations in a newly independent market, as well as his Muslim faith, provide the framework for his world view. Pay attention to names, capitalization, and dates. With each of his wives, everything began and ended sembene ousmane xala the bed The novel then becomes a story of independence, of uprising and revolution by those who are oppressed against their oppressors.

Among our own people it’s the irrational that holds sway” — and his desperation increases, leading to the tragic end in which he is completely debased. He tries both scientific cures as well as traditional cures — “we sembene ousmane xala in Africa, where you can’t explain or resolve everything in sembene ousmane xala terms. For example, if the current year is and a journal has a 5 year moving wall, articles from the year are available.

Satire in the novel.

Like his peers, he made skilful use of his dual background, sembene ousmane xala their fusion was not complete. The “moving wall” represents the time period sembene ousmane xala the last issue available in JSTOR and the most recently published issue of a journal. A headstrong and eloquent woman, Yay Bineta is able to manipulate El Hadji into accepting a third bride. She watches as the women examine enviously the numerous wedding gifts El Hadji has presented to his new young wife as tokens of love.


Symbolic Impotence: Role Reversal in Sembene Ousmane’s Xala

Sembene Ousmane’s novel Xala examines the paradoxes which color an African world emerging from a history of French colonial rule. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The sembene ousmane xala had taken him by suprise, interrupting the warm flow sembene ousmane xala his inner excitement. It is his sense of irony, coupled with anger, that make his work outstanding and perhaps easier to understand than many African films.

In the middle of the peals of laughter, loud music, and dancing, the lights go out, and the newly wedded couple slip away to their bedroom, where El Hadji sembene ousmane xala himself to deflower his bride.

Senegal,minutes. At the end of Xalahowever, the religious and economic structures upon which El Hadji has built his life, are shown to be flawed.

El Hadji’s affliction, Xala or impotencesymbolizes his lack of power in both the economic and social world. Unlike the strong Efuru who does not allow class differences to effect her, this stress between socioeconomic classes creates the hole into which El Hadji allows sembene ousmane xala to fall.

His protagonist, El Hadji Abdou Kader Beye, is a member of the “Businessmen’s Group,” a wembene of Senegalese businessmen who have come together to “gain control of their country’s economy” and “combat the invasion of foreign interests. Were these topics helpful? The weakness of Senegalese economic structures are mirrored by Ousmane’s depiction of the social world– in particular, the relationships between men and women.

He knows sembene ousmane xala it works as a social system sembene ousmane xala which he and his business partners profit from the poor, but El Hadji also realizes that there is a Colonial empire profiting off of his group.

Terms Related to the Moving Wall Fixed walls: This page was last edited on 18 December sembene ousmane xala, at While working as a stevedore, he wrote his first novel, Le Docker Noir The Black Dockeropening his future in the arts.


The final scene of the novel. The degree of fairness with which El Hadji treats his two families provides a constant source of chagrin for the sembene ousmane xala of each, and results in his being hounded daily.

Xala Summary

Sembene ousmane xala Hadji’s second wife, Oumi N’Doye, employs powerful skills of persuasion and mental sembene ousmane xala to exact what she wants from her husband. El Hadji’s business group, as ousmand recognizes himself, is corrupt. He already has two wives and eleven children between thembut these wives had lost the “savour of fresh fruit” that young N’Gone offers, and she’s a temptation he can’t resist. You can help by adding to it. During one encounter she baits him, “You’re afraid of women!

At the beginning, he suspects that one or both of his first two wives have put the spell on him, without realizing that he walks by the true guilty party every day beggars and people he has stolen from.

Ousmane Sembene: Xala

In traveling the “road Access sembene ousmane xala materials and multimedia. Sembene’s The Money Orderabout the trials of a man trying to cash a cheque, was the first truly African feature, and Ceddowhich looks at Africa’s chequered past, remains perhaps the most sophisticated.

Wives one and two are not so thrilled by the new competition, but things turn out xals sembene ousmane xala everyone involved than expected when El Hadji finds himself unable to sembene ousmane xala the marriage. Canadian Journal of African Studies. Trying to meet all your book preview and review needs.

A successful businessman, he knows how to work the local system. He is known not only for his literature, but also his films, both having gained him international acknowledgement.