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Publishers Note. This volume or Sarvarth Chintamani has been. sadly over delayed due to the sudden demise or its renowned author. Sh. J.N. Bl)asin. 10/15/13Sarvartha Chintamani – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Sarvartha Chintamani [1][2] is one of the important books of astrology be. Sarvartha Chintamani- Vol 1&2 (Hindi)(HB): : S C Mishra Dr.: Books.

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Venkat Sharma describes the shrength and weakness of planets and their aspects in the lagna. V9 11 During the ruling period of Mercury aspected by a benefic planet, the native gets great fame. Then see in w hich Navamsha the lord of the two Navamsha signs is located. Cancer heart, Leo belly, Virgo waist Libra private parts, Scorpio rectum.

He makes his both ends meet with difficulty. If it is enemy there is enmity This rule of friendship can be applied to father and other relatives as well.

If it is in maximum retrogression, it should be tripled, if it is aspected by benellcs it fhintamani be taken four times. I This would be the result when the planets Mars etc are in “Agochar” position i.

If there are only five planets in exaltation chinfamani there is Jupiter in strength in the Ascendant, the native becomes a king. If Jupiter and a strong Moon are occupying a watery sign in the 10th house one bathes in the sacred waters of the Ganges. For poor men have been seen with long life.

Jupiter fat, Venus semen. Aries is called Meshaj, Vasta Pratham.

Sarvartha Chintamani JN Bhasin

It is taken as a malefic tithi. If Moon is in the 12th house or in the 7th house in company of Venus, the yoga indicates loss of left eye. I ltd 11 During the ruling period of Ketu located in the 4th house, there chintamain loss of comforts One loses wile, son etc but has happiness from grains in the house. I I If Moon is in a trine with Sun the native’s house is infested with poisonous insects.


If malcfics occupy the 6th. Thus there are in all 9 types of ranges.

The influence ol Mercury and Saturn on lagna as implied by the chintaman should in our opinion indicate long size. Mill Jupiter in the lagna is particularly qualified to destroy the evil result of weak planets, just as even one bowing before Lord Shiva destroys all sin. Such an excellent Jupiter is the dispositorof the most strong and royal Moon. In the intermediary position their strength is proportional. He harms the interests of Gods, Brahmins, brothers, through his immoral earnings.

The result gives the signs past i. Moon is the lord of the 4th Navamsha of Sagittarius. Mercury is in lagna in its own sign or if Saturn is with Mercurv in the 3rd or the 4th house, the man is small.

Sarvartha Chintamani | Revolvy

This provision is subject to the condition that there already exists a yoga for being a king. Similar is the case when it sarcartha in Vaiiheshik Amsha or in the Navamsha of its exaltation sign. II it is enemy also of the main period lord it would be adverse by two points. It is inimical to Saturn and Venus. South West by Rahu.

srvartha If the planet has the division denoting his own sign the native is famous, intelligent, and leads a confortahle life. In the same manner dumbness should be predicted to father and other relations if Jupiter along with the lord of 2nd house of the father etc is located in their respective 8th houses. In case Sun has benefic influence on it these adverse results do dhintamani take place. Then see the lord of the Navamsha occupied by that lord. He also gets prowess and fame through his own power.


Sarvartha Chintamani

Cancer by crab, the sea creature of that name. Results of the chinttamani house. If Jupiter is in the Ascendant or it aspects the Ascendant, or if the watery’ sign in the lagna is aspected by Jupiter placed in a watery sign; 87 if there is a benefic in the Ascendant, which is also under the aspect of a bcnefic planet, even then the sarvatha is fatty.

Moon and Venus get full directional strength when situated in the 4th house. In this connection attention is invited to shloka number relating to 12th house in chapter 8 i.

This is the result relating the 1st part of the sub period. Libra by a man with balance in the hand. He also has intellectual wranglings, opposition to his own relatives, separation from mother or physical trouble to self. This state is afforded easily by Saturn. Similarly if Moon farthest away from the Sun is under the aspect of benefics but is not under the influence of any malefic by association etc. The malefics many located in he4ih house would have the effect of not only afflicting the Moon located in the 10th but weakening the longevity of progeny still further The malefic square aspect of many malefics on Venus in the 7th house would also weaken the prospects of progeny.