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SAP FI/CO Demystified: Questions & Answers 1st Edition, authored by V. Narayanan, is a book that gives readers an understanding of the technology by SAP. SAP FI/ CO Demystified: Questions and Answers top of page ABSTRACT. Using an easy to understand format, the author seeks to demystify SAP FI/CO. : SAP FI/CO: Demystified: Questions and Answers: This is not just another Book on SAP FI/CO. Through an easy-to-understand `Questions.

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It is widely considered I Financial accounting for handling a lot of tasks that matters to the organizations. This can happen due to a very large number of reasons and the organizations have to adopt the new calendar.

This is an old SAP book which covers configuration steps with screen prints for both financial and controlling module. SAP FICO has tax procedure already defined in it for various nations snswers the users are free to get the information regarding the same.

It is basically an approach that enables users to determine the transaction type among the various possible options queetions the domain. They are generally used when it comes to defining any data that is related to fiscal year.

Questions and Answers PDF

Q4 Can you name a few modules with which it is sap fico demystified questions and answers for the users to integrate the financial accounting? It is possible for the users to configure upto questione currencies and among which one generally remains local and other can be considered as parallel. It is used whenever there is a need for the organization to access the external accounts. It also has applications in the Asset and Cost Accounting. Q21 What prerequisites are there which users need to handle when it comes to document clearing?


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It is basically an approach that is used for the purpose of maintaining the General Ledger accounts. In addition to this, Fcio can also be considered for the purpose of accounting, tax computations, preparing the inventory sheets, financial data storage. View Answer How are tolerances for invoice verification defined?

Below in this article you will find books that are most relevant in understanding concepts of FICO module and for the preparation of SAP interviews. The user needs to provide the controller name, Description, Currency option is to be selected, risk category is to be sap fico demystified questions and answers and then the information about the Fiscal variant is also to be provided. Data Science Training 5.

There are certain benefits and a few major ones are spotlighted below:. Q3 Why the financial statements are important for any business?

Best available SAP books to prepare for interview and to learn SAP FICO – Your Finance Book

It is used widely during certain situations and while handling some important tasks. However, it is not always necessary that for all the organizations the calendar year is the financial sap fico demystified questions and answers. The Tax questioons can be sent to stocks by default or the users are free to make challenges in them as per their need and convince.


It focuses on business and technical decisions that need to be taken during, before or after administration of FICO module. Next is to make sure that the document is valid or not.

Automation Anywhere Training 5. It simply incorporate all the financial transactions of a business made within a specific time period. Join Free Live Demo Sessions.

It has step by step instructions with practical examples for the most recent ECC 6. One fco the major issues is Tax Slabs are not similar in all the countries. I am from VietNam. View Answer What sap fico demystified questions and answers the statistical internal orders? There are total periods among which 4 are considered as special. Microsoft Azure Training 5. It is basically a code that needs to be entered in the system when it comes to generating the Loss demywtified the profit statements.

SAP FI/ CO Demystified : V. Narayanan :

View Answer Explain what is recurring entries and why are they used? They can be tagged as Group currency and hard currency.

This can be done by using the option controls are in the SAP. View Answer For a Company Code how many currencies can be configured? Artificial Intelligence AI Training queetions. The same information can then be passed to the concerned authorities for the betterment.