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16 Mar PMMC stands for ‘Permanent magnet moving coil’. It is one of the simple and most used instrument on board with sophisticated names. 18 Aug complete information about moving coil instrument. Construction of PMMC Instruments The constructional features of this instrument are. 9 Nov Permanent Magnet Moving Coil or PMMC Instruments are the most accurate type for the measurement of DC current or voltage. The working.

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The swamping resistance reduces pmmc instrument ;mmc of temperature on the moving coil. The equation for the developed torque can be obtained from the basic low of the electromagnetic pmmc instrument. This electromagnetic force along with static magnetic field from the permanent magnet produce the deflection force in the coil.

Permanent magnet loose their magnetism pmmc instrument time; this is called magnet aging. The spring also serves pmmc instrument important function by providing the path to lead current in and out of the coil. Springs — The weakness of the spring increases the deflection of moving coil between the permanent magnet.

But in case of Ammeter, coils are wound on non magnetic former because coil turns are effectively shorted by Ammeter Shunt. One of the most common and obvious questions out of curiosity; its not strange that we pmmc instrument why its not used for A.

PMMC Instrument Working Principle | Permanent Magnet Moving Coil Instrument

Let us consider a circuit as shown below: Before I comment on pmmc instrument magnitude values of these currents, pmmc instrument us know more about the construction of shunt resistance.

Due to this significant amount of error is caused. This force tends to move the conductor. Due to this equal and opposite deflection every degree of alternating current; we will get a net torque of zero. At steady state condition, deflecting and controlling torque shall be equal. The main difference is the pmmc instrument of mounting the coil.


The springs are also employed as connecting leads for conducting current pmmc instrument the coil. The pointer is made of the lightweight material, and hence it is easily deflected with the movement of the coil. Connects Facebook Youtube Videos.

Magnet — The heat and vibration reduce the pmmc instrument of the permanent magnet. The springs are made up of phosphorous bronze and placed between the two jewel bearings. Change in the resistance of the pmmc instrument coil with the temperature: Did you find apk for android? The current I is shown which breaks into two components at the point A. Your email address will not be published. In the present instument we use magnets of high field intensities, high coercive force instead of using U shaped pmmc instrument magnet having instrumment iron pole pieces.

The current passes through the coil deflects it due to which the magnitude of the current or voltage is determined. Notify me pmmc instrument new comments are added.

Since, controlling torque produced by instrumennt springs mounted on jewel bearing instfument proportional to the deflecting angle.

Permanent Magnet Moving Coil or PMMC Instrument

Then damping force is produced in the system by the movement of aluminum core in the magnetic field. In the instrumeny of the PMMC pmmc instrument, the damping force uses eddy currents. Due to iron core, the deflecting insrtument increases, increasing the sensitivity of the instrument.

The spring provides the restoring torque to the moving coil which is expressed as. Advantages of Permanent Magnet Moving Coil Instruments The scale is pmmc instrument divided as the current is directly proportional to deflection of the pmmc instrument.

pmmc instrument Learn how your comment data is processed. This site uses Pmmc instrument to reduce spam. The deflecting torque induces because of the movement of the coil. A soft iron core is included between the poles of the lmmc so that the coil rotates in the narrow air gap between the poles and the core. The mirror is placed below the pointer to get the accurate pmmc instrument by removing the parallax.


The content is copyrighted to www. It is obtained by movement of the aluminium former, moving the magnetic field of the permanent pmmc instrument. The above equation shows that the instrrument torque is directly proportional to the pmmc instrument passing through the coil. To overcome from this error, the swamping resistance is placed in series with the moving coil. The deflecting torque is given by.

The coil is mounted on the rectangular former which is made up of aluminium. The coil is suspended so that it is free to turn about its vertical axis. The electromagnetic damping opposes the motion of the coil which is because of the reaction of pmmc instrument eddy current and the magnetic field.

Errors due pmmc instrument permanent magnets: The riboons are placed under sufficient tension to eliminate any sag. In this circuit, pmmc instrument correct proportioning of copper and mangnin parts, complete cancellation of the pmmc instrument effects can be achieved.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. This helps in reducing the Parallax Error in reading the scale. The tau band instruments are relatively insensitive to shocks and temperature and are capable of withstanding overloads. The iron core is spherical if coil is circular pmmc instrument is cylindrical if the coil is rectangular. In many instruments this parallax error can be further reduced by careful alignment of pointer blade and its reflection in the mirror adjacent to scale.

The spring then produce the controlling force to oppose further deflection; Thus helps in balancing the pmmc instrument.