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OUT OF THE NIGHT / JAN VALTIN-1ST [JAN VALTIN] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. OUT OF THE NIGHT / JAN VALTIN-1ST. 28 Sep I doubt whether anyone could be found who would seriously claim that the contents of Jan Valtin’s Out of the Night were not to be treated with. Krebs is the only one who fits the de- scription of Valtin.” The Truth about Jan Valtin With the publication of Out of the Night Jan Valtin became a figure of national.

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The Redacteur is versatile.

A brilliant, humble account of a young life te with idealism and devotion, disillusionment and loss, in a world full of revolutionary promise and totalitarian reaction. You receive free shipping if your order includes at least AED of eligible items. I knew him well enough, as he continued on page 15 m Jan valtin out of the night the following pages we have reprinted a letter from a Professor at the University of California, identifying Valtin as an ex-student; a librarian who worked at the University in 1 92 8 and and knew Valtin’ s stories; and a character sketch which Valtin then Richard Krebs wrote for jan valtin out of the night San Quentin Bulletin.

This smuggling business in behalf of the Party was not always transacted without friction. I did not see Zcympanski again until The sordidness of vlatin communism is made painfully clear: In NovemberKrebs was also indicted as a Gestapo agent. Dec 26, Roger Raffee rated it it was amazing.

Steve Parsons: Letter – More on Jan Valtin

I ja not tried to hide from the American author- ities, and Jan valtin out of the night have answered their ques- tions without reserve. He talks well; and when he speaks, his mobile fea- tures and arms leap into a crescendo of vivid pantomime that would even make a McAllister-Street merchant pause in admiration. Long after midnight the talk shifted to the strategy of the coming insurrection, which was to begin with a rising in the provinces nivht end with a march on Berlin.

It also details the life of a underground communist agitator in Nazi Germany with incredible insight, and the images of torture and confinement at the hands of the Gestapo are something I can never forget. No one thought of criticizing the communist doctrine that no strike, even if the strikers wind up out of a job or in jail, must be regarded as a defeat. He was jan valtin out of the night denounced to the German police. When a fruit cart of a peasant from Vierlanden was turned over in the street and a middle-aged man tried to shoulder me aside in the scramble for the winter apples, what else was there to jan valtin out of the night but to stand up and hit him in the face?

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The captain of our ship refused to have the injured man transferred to a hospital. A rumor spread that Knief, the revolutionary teacher, and Fraczunkovitz, the hunchback, had escaped by plane.

The officer gasped for air, then fell. A passing man who carried a big bundle of newspapers under his arm halted and asked the woman: I was deeply shocked by this crafty and dishonest maneuver. Od bandsmen, to save their instruments, had long since gone home.

Then he sauntered back and told the truckmen: Shells exploding in the air ripped chunks of rock out of the towers of the cathedral. But despite his roamings, he had the devotion of vltin wanderer for the land of his birth, a devotion which I did not learn to share.

Out Of The Night

jan valtin out of the night These are the kinds of questions Mr. Vatin me walked an old mariner. Goodreads reviews for Out Of The Night. The engines were stopped. My voyage began at the point where the Rhine suddenly sweeps westward to bite its course through the mountains before it curves north again to flow, broad and swift, past the Lorelei and the towers of Cologne.

The joy of life is the outt of the experience that comes from feeling one’s own strength.

“Out of the Night” () by Jan Valtin – BOOKS ONE AND TWO – Prospero’s Isle

The British blockade was still in force, although it was months after the signing of the Armistice. As it grew lighter I came to a house where a town official argued heatedly with a housewife.

I heard the siren roar, muffled commands, the loud tramping of many feet, the rumbling of winches. The battlefield was littered with caps, torn clothing, broken glass, police helmets. I was sure you had IT, and would produce if your perilous temperament permitted you to last until you had the chance to oit the writing. Abandoned by the Party, they eventually returned to Germany after long and aimless wanderings.


They were not averse to drink. Each Sunday the hundreds marched out for military training in lonely stretches of forest or heath. He went to trial for having organized communist nuclei among the police. Before you start to read it you had better plan to take three days off. Hans Wonneberger made the mistake of falling in love with a girl who turned out to be a secret agent valti the Valttin Party jan valtin out of the night They paid from sixty to a hundred Finmarks for each bottle.

He had helped blow up a railway line to prevent shipment of German coal to France. There are pages of vivid writing that for quality can be rated high.

Jan valtin out of the night for coastal trade and a few food ships from America, the Hamburg harbor was dead. Val- tin’s autobiography, written without literary flourishes or striving for propaganda effects, grips the reader’s interest from page to page far more effectively than the wildest and most sensational fiction. Between the city of Hamburg and its great harbor flows the river Elbe. The communists being entrenched more solidly in Hamburg than in any other great seaport, Hamburg became the center for Comintern enterprises in the all-important marine industry.

Out of the Night: The Memoir of Richard Julius Herman Krebs alias Jan Valtin

Jan Valtin came of age as a bicycle messenger during a Communist uprising on the German Baltic vwltin just after the end of World War I. Their technique was simple. It was, often as not, a war between conscientious proletarian internationalists and the bureaucratic clique that followed Stalin.

They had wandered for weeks, pushed on from town to town by unwilling authorities. The thumping of the mines increased. I could not jan valtin out of the night into the harbor, which held for me a fascination I am at a loss to explain, without being assaulted and trounced by bands of Italian hoodlums. The launches waited until the Soviet ship had disappeared in the night, heading jan valtin out of the night the Kiel Canal and a legitimate port of call.

He was slow in giving up his arms and epaulettes.