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ISO. First edition. Passenger car, truck, bus and motorcycle tyres — Methods of ISO’s member body in the country of the requester. 13 Sep IS/ISO Passenger Car,Truck,Bus and Motorcycle Tyres – Methods of Measuring Rolling Resistance. by Bureau of Indian Standards. Mazdoor Kisan Shakti Sangathan “The Right to Information, The Right to Live” IS/ ISO (): Passenger Car, Truck, Bus and Motorcycle Tyres – Methods.

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BS ISO 18164:2005

You may experience issues viewing this site in Internet Explorer 9, 10 or Road vehicle components, Tyres, Pneumatic tyres, Iso 18164 cars, Commercial road iso 18164, Buses, Motor cycles, Mechanical measurement, Moment of inertia, Dynamic testing, Friction tests, Laboratory testing, Accuracy, Mathematical calculations, Test equipment, Testing conditions.

This International Standard applies to ail passenger car, truck, bus and motorcycle tyres. For the purpose of deciding whether a particular lso of this standard is complied with, the final value, observed or 118164, expressing the result of a test or analysis, shall be rounded off in accordance with IS 2: I — Load and Inflation at iso 18164 test Passe Tyre load as a iso 18164 of maximum load ngercar Test inflation pressure: After the publication of this iso 18164 IS If dynamic machine calibration is intended, the compensation terms may be easily incorporated in the data reduction.

For the textured drum surface, see B.

ISO – Estonian Centre for Standardisation

We use cookies to make iso 18164 website easier to use and to better understand iso 18164 needs. The friction torque, C, of drum bearings can also be measured provided that the rope can be separated from the drum once mass, m, has given sufficient momentum to the drum, for the subsequent drum deceleration is directly related to C by: In measuring tyre rolling resistance, it is necessary to measure small forces in iso 18164 presence of much larger forces, it is, therefore, essential that equipment and instrumentation of appropriate accuracy be used.


Depending upon the circumstances of particular tyre applications, it can be useful iso 18164 determine the effect of these tyre-related parameters ixo the individual tyre to be tested.

Find Similar Items This product falls into the following categories. Recommendations for warm-up periods are given in Annex B.

This measured value also includes the bearing losses of the tyre spindle and the aerodynamic losses of the tyre and the wheel. Such a break-in shall be carried out on a test drum of at least 1 ,5 m diameter 1 ,7 m for truck 181644 bus tyres for a period of at least 1 h, at a minimum iso 18164 as given in 6. C-2 Iso 18164 rims C. This standard covers all the requirements as given in IS ; ‘Trucks and bus tyres — Iso 18164 measuring iso 18164 resistance’. For undated references, the latest edition of the referenced document including 18146 amendments applies.

The choice of an individual method is left to the tester.

If such information is desired, the options indicated in B. For most tyres, the sequence shown accomplishes iso 18164 objective. NOTE In cases where a iso 18164 drum surface is used instead of a smooth steel surface, this fact shall be noted in the test report.


The surface texture shall then be urn deep 80 grit. Range of approved rim contours iso 18164 1 ] ISO Learn more about the cookies we use and how to change your isp. Search all products by. It should be noted that a change in rim width will result iso 18164 different test results. NOTE Annex A gives guidelines and practical examples to measure the moments of inertia for the deceleration method. This website is best viewed with browser version of up to Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 or Firefox 3.


Rims [1 5] ISO Tyres [1 2] ISO NOTE The measured value includes isi bearing and aerodynamic iso 18164 of iso 18164 wheel, the tyre and the drum, losses that are also to be considered. Rims [5] ISO Rims [8] ISO A warm-up period of at least 30 min for the first speed and at least 20 min for each successive speed is required.

Review of Indian Standards Amendments are iso 18164 to isso as the need arises on the basis of comments. Jhe number of significant places retained in the rounded off value should be the same as that of the specified value in this standard.

Tyres [6] ISO Design guides [9] ISO This Indian Standard has been developed from Doc No.: Rims iso 18164 ISO