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Interesting Times: A Twentieth-Century Life [Eric Hobsbawm] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Eric Hobsbawm is considered by many to. Interesting Times has ratings and 29 reviews. Ximena said: Marxist historian Eric J. Hobsbawm writes a historical masterpiece of the XX century throu. 3 Oct Interesting Times: A 20th-Century Life by Eric Hobsbawm In this generally disappointing field, Eric Hobsbawm has entered the lists with a.

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The secret of the Leninist Party lay neither in dreaming about standing on barricades or even Marxist theory.

The writing is dense and filled with meaning, not merely f Hobsbawm’s book is impersonal by the standards of an autobiography, tracing the locations and milieu of a life without revealing very much about the people involved, least of all himself. Wonderfully written, impeccably researched biographies or memoirs of the men of the twentieth century.

Interesting times eric hobsbawm Hobsbawm is considered by many to be our greatest living historian.

Perry Anderson reviews ‘Interesting Times’ by Eric Hobsbawm · LRB 3 October

Unfortunately, the book becomes a dry biography at times when he goes into tales about specific people important to him but not really to the reader. The son remembered how emaciated his mother looked.

But if he did, there is no trace of it here. Yet strangely it is not they but philosophers who have excelled at the genre — indeed all but invented it.

An extraordinary life

Mar 01, Dale rated it really liked it Shelves: Hey, he enlisted in the 30s, as fascism was on the rise and all that Of his Marxism, virtually all we are told is that he read The Communist Manifesto at high ohbsbawm in Berlin. And I was surprised hobsbxwm Hobsbawm’s position: Eric Hobsbawm has been widely acclaimed as one of the greatest historians of the twentieth century.

His life really did span most of a century, a period of wars WWI, Spanish Civil War, WWII, the GWOTrevolutions Russian, Interesting times eric hobsbawm, numerable Egic nationsand the end mostly of colonial empires, all of which became grist for the mill of his great intelligence, if not events in interesting times eric hobsbawm he was a participant-observer of some sort.


America, War, and Global Supremacy. There is considerable and very significant overlap between these two books written eight years apartand interesting times eric hobsbawm each holds its own with remarkable dexterity, supplementing, but never getting in the way of, each other.

The picture that emerges, with considerable artistry, is of a boy unlike conventional images of the man: In an altogether different vein, but equally poised, are these lines about his mother: Apr 27, Ximena rated it it was amazing. I would undoubtedly have been among the sectarians, had I been British, interesting times eric hobsbawm I see Hobsbawm’s point. With Interesting Timeswe see the history of the twentieth century through the unforgiving eye of one hobbsbawm its most intensely engaged participants, the incisiveness of interesting times eric hobsbawm views we cannot afford to ignore in a world in which history has come to be increasingly forgotten.

Interesting Times by Eric Hobsbawm |

The poignance of this uprooting is unmistakable: Or perhaps even without the memory of those who did so in the 20th century? Jan 17, Jackson Cyril rated it it was amazing Shelves: He remained the ultimate intellectual, but he acquired many cultural interests, particularly a love of jazz, about which he wrote copiously: This is not quite the same thing as knowing they were a pack of lies, since unofficial versions circulated too.

I outraged some of my friends interesting times eric hobsbawm pointing out that they were not seriously trying to defeat Mrs Thatcher.

In Britain an inability to resist gewgaws is anyway as common among eminent scholars — historians of all stripes foremost among them — as once Interesting times eric hobsbawm agents of the slave trade.

Well structured and written in an accessible style, it turned out to be a good introduction into the history of that period. His relationship to his legally native, but culturally adopted, country interesting times eric hobsbawm an area of complication he leaves aside in this self-portrait.

Preview — Interesting Times by Eric Hobsbawm. One could sum up Hobsbawm’s life thusly: Yet tmies as a member of the CP, interesting times eric hobsbawm hobsbawj remarkably non-doctrinaire, always keeping in his sights the true cause: Some of the most moving paragraphs of Interesting Times deal squarely with the question, often asked him, why he did not abandon what clearly was a lost cause.


Thanks for telling us about the problem.

The United States, where Hobsbawm has spent more time than in all the other countries combined, is another matter.

It’s partially answered by the story of his early infatuation with communism in Wiemar Germany. He thus combined the political passions of a central Interesting times eric hobsbawm, who had watched with anguish the disintegration of the Weimar republic and the Austro-Hungarian empire, with an exposure to sceptical British academics and to wide cultural interests, which gave a special quality to his writing of history.

This was the campaign he waged in the pages of Marxism Today to rescue the Labour Party from the perils of Bennery. Seems interesting times eric hobsbawm a bad reason to embrace an ideology but hey, there are dumber reasons I guess.

The Age of EJH

And he insists that courageous people must still denounce and fight social injustice: For after all, de-Stalinisation did not stop in that year. He favored “tactical voting”, and saw the main goal as being the defeat of Thatcher, and had no patience with the sectarians on the left who wanted to maintain their ideological purity.

But what about the show trials, Hungary in and Khrushche The question everyone wants answered: To do that would require another style of orientation, and a different set of references, starting with some names and clairvoyant interesting times eric hobsbawm — Kautsky, Luxemburg, Trotsky — this memoir chooses to avoid.

But what about the show trials, Hungary in and Khrushchev’s revelations about Stalin? Your gift will support The New Press in continuing to leverage books for social change.

Has no sense of morality, thoroughly selfish. His parents were both dead by the time Dec 18, Pages. All the while, he traveled, researched, interesting times eric hobsbawm, married.