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Doomsday is a standalone and thus does not require the original HoI2 to be installed. Finally, Armageddon or “ARMA”, is a booster pack for Doomsday that was. For Doomsday, there is new command line parameter WINDOWED, which . and delete remaining data manually (delete your HoI2 installation directory). Finland, Vichy France, Japan and Italy can manually be asked to join the Axis In Armageddon, Germany should also switch to Head of Intelligence: Hans Oster .

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Hearts of Iron II: Doomsday FAQs, Walkthroughs, and Guides for PC – GameFAQs

If you need more time, use the no time limit mod in utilities section. Upgrades should be ignored untilsince Germany will advance several technologies over the course of the first few years, and dooksday thus benefit from the leap-frog effect.

This game had a series of patches that ended with version 1. The only point of weakness in German research is in the Navy.

Offer it to both Japan and Italy since there are no Bitter Peace problems. There is a pdf manual on the dvd See also: Germany is unable to move to free market due to its Authoritarianism. You will have to choose between Trotsky’s commeback, a new tsarist government or the great stalinian purges Thus, adjusting those sliders is not necessary.

Controlling this will mean controlling Mediterranean Sea.

Is there a HOI2 Doomsday Manual?

If you are doomsdaj there, ask your questions in this forum thread. Thank god, spies are no longer micromanagement hell. It may be a good idea if you combine operation Sealion with invasion in Ireland and Iceland if you did not try to keep it.

Try This PDF:   AD590 PDF

If the province is lightly defended but an adjacent province has a very large army, you should think twice since that large army may obliterate mqnual landing troops.

The Complete Newbie Guide

That said, HoI is and was always about replaying WW2 so I doubt there is any chance for it being non-deterministic.

You should attack the Soviet Union in A few obvious changes should be made before occupation of the Rhineland: Ostrava, Brno, and Bratislava all do not have forts and border Germany.

It covers all of Paradox’s games, and is yoi2 repository for successful router configurations. Look at screen related utilities for concrete one. But the main point against Poland is your airforce.

Defeating Poland is possible within two weeks. Germany is fairly heavily event driven. A lot of alternatives to history are waiting for you The best attack route is from Persia. Alternatively, intercede on Nationalist Spain’s behalf during their civil war. Your name or email address: Unless, of course, you are playing very historical and seek dooomsday emulate the failures of Germany!

Creating it will remove some TC burden as well as gaining more manpower and three divisions, making it a good option. Since Germany is the most event driven nation of the game, most players noob and veteran alike conduct war on the basis of events.

Iceland will serve as a good launch pad for further invasion on Greenland and America. A typical German navy will focus exclusively on submarines for convoy raiding.


The majority of the German Army Wehrmacht should consist of infantry. The best use of spies for Germany is simply to identify troops levels in enemy nations, doomsdsy to avoid having spies within Germany.

This article is a candidate to be merged with Germany. Testing produced the following results:. By January 1,Germany is capable of having researched every technology as well, with the mabual exception being aircraft carriers, which are not commonly used as Germany.

This may be accomplished with relative ease by landings just north and South of Stockholm supplemented by an attack from the Odense or Copenhagen.

Japan, the UK, and the USA are all reasonable targets for blueprint stealing — any other nations are sure to be far behind Germany in their research. The net result of a Ghost fleet can be tens of thousands of non-existent ships in a port. Also the time interval between checks has been changed from every 7 days to every 10 days.

Securing Yugoslavia and Greece is useful since it makes your allies stronger and gives you access to the Mediterranean Sea. The following updates are the most recent updates released for the Hearts of Iron II series as of September 30,