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Los hijos de las tinieblas by José Antonio Cotrina Gómez, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. José Antonio Cotrina has 48 books on Goodreads with ratings. José Antonio Los hijos de las tinieblas (El ciclo de la luna roja, #2) by. José Antonio . Best books like Los hijos de las tinieblas: #1 Laila Winter y la Maldición de Ithirïe (Laila Winter, #3) #2 La maldición José Antonio Cotrina (Goodreads Author).

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I think female writers are going to help refashion the field. Another powerful lever was the literary prizes, the only way to obtain some money writing science fiction and fantasy for joxe at the time.

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Le Guin, Bradbury, Lem, Ballard and others. Fortunately the situation is changing. We were a hardcore, very active group of fans. Comments containing name-calling, personal attacks, threats, or other abusive content will be edited or deleted.

Juan Miguel Aguilera is the award-winning co-author, along with Javier Redal, of Mundos yinieblas el Abismo and Hijos de la Eternidad, two canonical Spanish space operas; he is also a prolific illustrator, screenplay writer, and soon-to-be director. They are many and they are quite varied.

Do you see this changing anytime soon? What is the most exciting thing happening in Spanish science fiction today authors, movements, editors, etc.

El hechizo del narguile: Reseña de LA COSECHA DE SAMHEIN

In Spain, I think that the financial crisis has led people to read more, not less, looking for distraction and, perhaps, insight. So yes, I suppose the U.

Domingo Santos helped curate the selection. Publishers have cut down their publications enormously.


Do you think the Hugo awards should similarly be opened up beyond Worldcon members? For me, for example, Stanislaw Lem was very important. I think the best way to show what Spain has to offer is to translate a dozen or twenty stories and providing a panorama of different styles and ways hijoa thinking.

When our generation started to write, many of us had university training and a few of us had majored in philology or history. At least there is coyrina in this conversation Elia. The same seems to be happening now with authors who emerged after the year I was lucky enough to be a science fiction reader from the start, and anonio only that, I had the good fortune of discovering the great women writers of the United States in my youth: I completely agree with the observation.

It starts as a kind of love story for young people and gets darker and darker and tinieblzs science-fictional with every page. Perhaps the most exciting phenomenon is the appearance of many small publishers who are willing to bet on national authors.

El ciclo de la luna roja 2. Los hijos de las tinieblas : José Antonio Cotrina Gómez :

No hay historias alegres. The jonbar point occurs in the 16th century, following a war of succession caused by the death of Felipe II in a hunting accident. Stephen King, Robert Howard.

Mariano was extremely helpful antonii connecting us across time zones and facilitating the conversation. The way in which a story is told ccotrina as important as the idea. Gigamesh and its big new bookshop, Lektu and the possibility of buying buys online at moderate prices, the Terra Nova anthologies and all the work Mariano Villarreal is doing, the existence of HispaCon, Sportula as a new publisher, and the new Random House imprint, Fantascy.

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Anyway, I was in atnonio with everybody, I tried to read everything that was being published and to help science fiction in Spain come into its own. It was a very ambitious project because of the richness of the real Spanish Renaissance, mixed with the steampunk and uchronia propositions.

Authors who are or have been influential in my writing: Midlist authors have practically vanished. Of course, all generalizations are unfair: That influenced our style. In the end science fiction is a literary genre and there are no excuses for bad writing. As Hjios see it, the most interesting stories in the two anthologies set in my Akasa-Puspa universe are written by women.

I would also recommend the stories published in Artifex and now in Terra Nova. What are your current and forthcoming projects?

José Antonio Cotrina

The single most important development is something Elia alluded to: They even published Russian stories! Maybe the crisis made it harder to believe in the future, or real life was deemed depressing enough. It is to him that we owe the credibility gained by Spanish science fiction authors. Optimism and a belief in science are things of the past. All of the authors mentioned in these conversations have very interesting visions to share with non-Spanish readers.