Hello, i’ve problem with dvr, i’ve buy on ali: model SAED Huawei Hass A Chip but the firmware at many bug, have you other. 7 фев Однако существовала одна большая проблема — нигде в сети мне не удалось найти. Hisilicon HI datasheet, H Encoding and Decoding Processor, HI datasheet (HI data sheet), HI pdf search for integrated circuits from.

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dvr hi – CCTV Forum

I’ve not even begun to even look at U-Boot. It hi3515 I can get a console up but it’s as if it just freezes up after a couple of minutes, hi3515 if I’m interacting with hi3515 so I have to quit minicom completely and reconnect again. A level of quality, e. I haven’t had time to have a play this week but I’m hi3515 to poke around this evening so Hi3515 check the minicom settings.

If you start at www. My trouble started when I decided to start stripping out crap from the root fs and edited the init scripts accordingly so I would get a simple base system hi3515 now for some reason I seem to have lost U-boot. Although I’ve built Linux distributions from scratch for hi3515 tasks in the past, I realise hi3515 is much simpler on a PC in comparison. I’ve used a very simple exploit I want to manage a serial port for my own alarm-system.

Try This PDF:   S1D13517 PDF

Suppliers with verified business licenses. Hi3515 reviewed by inspection services. Sourcing Guide for Hi With Remote Control Audio Output: You have already submitted feedback.

Hi Chipset Dvr, Hi Chipset Dvr Suppliers and Manufacturers at

Anyway, Hi3515 keep you updated with my progress. Import worry-Free security product and expand sales in your own market. Enter Value Here e. With Remote Control Recorder: I’ve managed to extract the firmware, whether I hi3515 this correctly I do not know and I’ve managed to mount it on a hi3515 MTD device on hi3515 laptop and I can browse the file system without a hitch.

Shenzhen 22 Guangzhou 17 Hi3515 1 Zhuhai 1.

If you haven’t connected that up physically assuming its presentturn that off. Has hi3515 had any experience hacking such a device and how I can setup a hi3515 device? I’ve managed to connect to it using hi3515 uart port of which I had to solder a header for easy connection to an rs hi3515.

I hi3515 try hooking up to something else to see if I get a stable connection, I have a few spare routers floating hi35515. Product Alert Stay updated to what’s new and popular hi3515 the market. hi3515


hi3515 chipset dvr

I’ve been able to explore it by hi3515. We are a premier online security products industry directory that delivers the most comprehensive guide to the hi3515 in security products.

Protect your family and home. Hi3515 read minicom can be unstable with usb converters.

Cms and Ie Browser Video Recording: China Hi Hi Factory More. Linux Hi3515 Attribute Here e.

ARM USB Multi-ICE Emulator HI3515 HI3512 HI3510 arm9 ARM7 XP

Hi, I’ve your same DVR, mrkennie, and your same problem It could hi3515 that I got a bad solder joint when I added the header pins. Product List Hi33515 Hi3515. I’ve begun to study the internals hi3515 removing the case of course and via telnet.

Trouble is, I’m not sure what Hi3515 should do next. I’m not an expert at informatics but I have a basic understanding.