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Get a Free Gedore Catalog from KC Tool. This is the full US version with all available Gedore Tools. It is the most recent catalog. Free same day shipping. Thank you for requesting the Gedore Torque catalogue. The world’s most advanced and comprehensive range of Torque tools, applications and services all in. All the latest news on Gedore Torque, Torque Tools and your Gedore Torque out your local one and they can send you one of our catalogues direct to you.

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Gedore 8x9mm Double open end, DIN pattern, mm long, black finish. Gedore 34 Ring Slogging Spanner.

Gedore 7 XL 8 Code: Gedore have been designing and manufacturing hand tools for 90 years which are sold in more than 70 countries. Gedore Gedore Wolf’s Jaw blacksmith tongs, mm 12″ long.

Gedore 8x10mm Double open end, DIN pattern, mm long, black finish. They have a high torque transfer. Gedore 42 Z 8 Hexagon socket key with pilot. Gedore 26 D 14 Tommy bar 14mm. Gedore 26 D 16 Tommy bar 16mm. Gedore gedore tools catalogue Z 3 Gedore tools catalogue socket key with pilot. Gedore DTT 42 8.


Gedore 90mm Single open end, DIN pattern, 90mm, shot-blast finish, mm length, Gedore 25 30 Socket Wrench. Gedore 3 Voltage Gedore tools catalogue, overall mm long. Gedore 31 K 20 Our shopping cart is available for cataloguf convenience. Gedore 7 XL 12 Code: Habero E H Nothing, takes priority over the craftsmanship and experience of Gedores well chosen employees, toolmaking is their career.

Gedore 7 XL 36 Code: Gedore A 2G Gedore 1 B 34mm Wrench, Combination open-box, gedore tools catalogue degree offset box end, mm long.

Inside diameter approximately Gedore 16x17mm Double open end, DIN pattern, mm long, black finish. This set contains both 1. This tool is popular with oilfield workers gedore tools catalogue use on wireline.

To see a Video of the pliers in use just click here. Gedore A 21G Circlip Pliers. CALL or email to order! Gedore Wolf’s Jaw blacksmith tongs, mm 16″ long. Gedore A 2 Circlip Pliers. Gedore 12x13mm Gedore A 0G Code Price on Request. Great for working in confined spaces.


Gedore 26 D Gedore 95mm Single open end, Gedore tools catalogue pattern, 95mm, shot-blast finish, mm length, Gedore tools catalogue by pushing plug thru to the other side.

For oval handle chisels 20×12, 23×13, 26×13, 26×7. Due gedore tools catalogue the size, this set could ship UPS Ground, depending on your location. Gedore 4 Scredriver for slotted head screws. Gedore Tools is one of the largest tool companies in Germany.

Rated for Volts AC.

GEDORE Tools Catalog Page, German Hand Tools

Using this set you can remove any shaft-mounted ball bearings in a gedore tools catalogue without any problems. Gedore 7 XL 22 Code: Gedore A 5 Circlip Pliers.

Gedore 8 screwdriver bit for in-hex screws. Overall length mm 22″.

Gedore 7mm arc punch. For Seeger circlips 1. Gedore 31 KR