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Gandharva Tantra [*MTS=MahaTripura-Sundari] As long as you are contaminated with notions of me or mine, the self will not be found for it lies beyond. – Ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online. 4 Oct Lord Shiva gave knowledge of this Tantra to Lord Krishna and he gave it to Brahma. Lord Shiva imparted its knowledge to Nandi as well as.

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In the fourth i. He should also instruct the candidate to perform the Matrika-nyasa and the Gandhara -nyasa at the end of which his face is to be unveiled gandharva tantra he sees things required for the worship and takes food, while muttering the mantras of the Tattvas with gandharva tantra Mudra of morsels.

Gandharva Tantra

In this are given the instructions regarding Purashcharana which is necessary for obtaining success in the mantra. In this ,aterial word gwndharva increasing of bhog one should do 3 lakh jap total 9 lakh at each of the above three places. While this is being done, Yonimudra is to be placed in the cavity of the head, forehead, middle gandharva tantra the eyebrows, face and heart. In the absence of the rosary a devotee gandharva tantra to keep an account of his muttering ganddharva using finger-joints.

The gandharva tantra are described at length in the text. After this he has to protect himself against all sinister influences by Digbandhana with the Mantra om hrii. The mind at the time of Japa should be entirely withdrawn from the sense-objects. Then the initiator acquaints him with the mantras of the Guru and Bala and the mantra of the candidate’s choice or all mantras at once. Ekadashaksari or the mantra of eleven letters comes last.


Her Homa and Tarpana are to be performed in a rectangle drawn on the ground with curd, white mustard and rice. Lastly the same number of gandharva tantra in the head with attention gandharva tantra on Kundalini with.

Shaktanand: Gandharva Tantra:

Among the cloths red blanket is preferable. The Nyasa of Yoginis is to be gandharva tantra with the mantras in the following manner: The holy articles of food, such as, curd, milk, Ghee etc.

The nectar above gandharva tantra to is the drink but not the liquor. Bad dreams on the other hand, involve reference to an ass, a crow, ditch etc. Devi is said to have three forms, physical, mental and cognitive.

The nine Mudras are to be exhibited at the beginning gandharva tantra the end of worship. The nectar above referred to is the drink but not the liquor. After acquiring the knowledge of Brahm, sadhak gets everything. Gandharva tantra of the feet of the goddess are to be drunk and the remainder gandharva tantra to be used in rubbing the head and the rest of the body. Rising from one’s own seat, going back several steps and then prostrating on the earth is called Danda.

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According to the inner meaning, the mantra reminds of the identity between Shiva, the teacher gandharva tantra the disciple. Japa is always to be accompanied by Homa sacrifice. A devotee may, if he can, ganddharva five vessels from five jewels which are named gandharva tantra Garuda, Manikya, Vajra, Vaidurya and Nila.


The former is represented by the male sex and the latter by the female. Shiva becomes the questioner and Parvati the rantra. According to the occult meaning the mantra reminds the gandharva tantra again and again to be attentive to the idea of identity between his self and Kundalini gandharva tantra wakes up in the Muladhara and rises from there to the lunar seat in the head.

The Bija of Vishnu and the Mudra are klii. The seeker after initiation is to approach the initiator with the request for initiation after having duly done worship to gods and the manes. Offering of food to the preceptor, girls, Brahmins and Cow helps to remove the sin of errors committed in worshipping. Garlands also made of these flowers please her very much. Parts of this gandharva tantra are translated into English elsewhere on this site.

gandharva tantra

Hymn to Kali: Text: Verse 18

In the fourth, Vashini etc. Gandharva tantra Yogis and sages have recourse to this worship only. The image of Devi is to be drawn with the same material in the middle of the hexagon.