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10 Sep No Comebacks by Frederick Forsyth (). A collection of ten short stories. No first publication dates are given, which is a shame because it. A collection of taut, electrifying tales from the master of international intrigue, #1 New York Times bestselling author Frederick Forsyth A wealthy philanderer. An excellent collection of short stories by Mr. Frederick Forsyth, all loaded with intrigue and ending with fiendishly clever plot twists. The ending of the.

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Mar 23, Douglas Lord rated it it was amazing. No-one will read this one and then fail to mention “No snakes in Ireland”, which is wonderful, but there are 9 more great ones as well. There’s a reason why Frederick Forsythe is one of the kings of thrillers. Recommended to Sonia by: Hanson has managed to both drive his sister distraught with grief and anger, and give all his money to help orphan children. Feb 05, Dr.

NO COMEBACKS – FREDERICK FORSYTH Reviews, Summary, Story, Price, Online, Fiction, Nonfiction

But the most perfect plans can go awry, and this one does in a way that the one who gave the order and contract rather than the one who carried it out will repent for ever – “don’t worry, there will be no comebacks” the killer assures him.

This is one of the best books ever written. GFrederick Forsyth is one of my favorite authors. And this is where he is confronted by his disapproving gorgon of a wife, the fearful Edna. There follow a tense 48 hours as Harkishan trails Billie back to his cheap terrace house and agonises that his wife or children might be bitten and killed by the snake.

The Preacher, who has been posting jihadi sermons online and inspiring a wave of terrorist assassinations, is tracked down and terminated by US marine Christopher Carson, aka The Tracker, with frecerick fascinating side plot about Somali piracy thrown in.


While those are being finished, there is another one coming off the ferry the day after, and the man watching from top of a hill does not know about the first one, so his plan to rob a truck full of Cognac goes awry in a spectacular way, and his intended customers the IRA related north Ireland men let him go alive only with fredwrick of never ever contacting them or else, having discovered the brandy is missing and his truck is full of manure for roses rejected in Belgium as even the papers declare which he never looked at.

Harkishan watches surreptitiously, waiting, expecting the big man to be bitten. But when it comes to Ireland in a Frederick Forsyth story, its ramifications, no, anything can happen. Write a Review on No comebacks – Frederick Forsyth.

A couple of strangers join, a casual game of cards proposed after a trying time of helping someone completely inept in patience, and a third needed because two cannot play poker. Remember to count your chickens. Next day he sits in the Assizes and is surprised then not so surprised to see the very same wispy-haired man brought before him, charged with carrying out just such a card-based confidence trick on another passenger on another train.

I picked this up and was hooked on page one. There are very few books, this included, that give you gorsyth feeling of pure enjoyment.

No Comebacks by Frederick Forsyth (1982)

He literally took it with him, the solicitor muses. Saturday, March 22, Oct 21, Linda rated it liked it Recommends it for: Horrified, he then gets a phone call from a threatening man who gives no name, and realises he is being blackmailed.

An OTP has been send to your mobile. Have doubts regarding this product? Your Mobile has been activated successfully. Inspired by Your Browsing History. These stories were just delicious. But two last – “A Careful Man” and “Sharp Practice” weren’t really krimis and I knew frederuck the beginning how this story ends.


Trivia About No Comebacks. No Comebacks by Frederick Forsyth. The story called The Emperor will be one that stays with me a for years.

His wife Edna accompanies him, a fat, pink-fleshed, blue-rinsed, nagging monster. The first story alone, though I enjoyed the rest, deserves five stars.

And then the whole atmosphere changes abruptly, when the giant goes on to say that he took part in an execution firing squad. Lawsuits can be expensive and most people cannot afford them while an establishment such as a rich corporation that a newspaper with a large circulation very well can. There Are Some Days: And so he gets his court hearing where he can declare his innocence while saying whatever he likes about the reporter – and since he speaks from the dock, it is not liable to action from the reporter or the newspaper.

A collection of taut, electrifying tales from the master of international intrigue, 1 New York Times bestselling author Frederick Forsyth… A wealthy philanderer plots to murder the husband of the woman he loves…A mild-mannered banker faces off in a fight to the death against a monstrous fish…A thief with a plan to hijack tons of French brandy finds that no plan is perfect in practice…and a judge enters a friendly game of poker with two other passengers on a train, only to find himself playing a dangerous hand… With these ten thrilling short stories of betrayal and blackmail, of murder and revenge, manipulators and machinations, Frederick Forsyth proves once again that when it comes to edge-of-your-seat storytelling, no one else comes close.

The narrator feels his girlfriend stiffen and grow tense — her uncle and brother both died in the civil war and in the Troubles since.