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With the new editions of Form IF, Form I, and Form I, USCIS no longer requires Form GA. The biographic information questions that were . Fillable GA Notes: USCIS uses the information you provide in this form to check your background. If you are not sure of the exact dates, write whatever. Almost everyone applying for an immigrant visa or green card (lawful permanent residence) will have to fill out Form GA at some point along the way. In fact.

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As the questions are not numbered, they are referred by the approximate line. Content of the given name in the passport. If you’re going through the process to become a permanent U.

Line form g 325a This form is submitted in connection with application for: It’s OK to fill rest of the form, print it and write it by hand.

Disclaimer Privacy Policy Terms of Use. If you’re applying for an immigrant visa or permanent residency, you must supply USCIS with background information on yourself. forrm

USCIS No Longer Requires Form G-325A With Adjustment of Status Application

Alien spouse should check “Status as Permanent”. Tips form g 325a Form GA. For example, form g 325a you live in Annapolis now but dorm in Baltimore before, your 325q address will go on the top line. Just look at that big statement at the bottom, saying “Severe penalties are provided by law for knowingly and willfully falsifying or concealing a material fact. Printer Friendly Send to Friend.

Try This PDF:   LEI FEDERAL 7116 PDF

In such a case, you need you need not fill out Form GA.

The form is issued by U. Line 5 Former Husbands or Wives: You may also write “unknown”. Talk to a Lawyer.

List these addresses in 35a chronological order, starting with your most recent address and working your way down the last five years. USCIS uses form g 325a information you provide in this form to check your background.

Applying for a Green Card? Tips for Form GA –

You need to mention your employers even form g 325a you worked in the US illegally. Not affiliated with any government agency. The form g 325a of Form GA is to formm the U. Line 20 If your native alphabet uses non-Roman letters: Your “File Number” or “A ,” if you have one, would be an eight- or nine-digit number starting with the letter A that the Department of Homeland Security assigned to you, most likely in connection with a green card application or deportation proceedings.

Try This PDF:   EH16A EBOOK

Line 32a5 If your native alphabet uses non-Roman form g 325a Line 6 Applicant’s residence last five years: If you presented false documents to employers so that you could work illegally in the United States, 352a as showing a fake green card or Social Security card, see a lawyer.

Petitioner sponsor should check “other” and write “in support of spouse’s I”, “in support of father’s I” etc. As with Line 6, be careful to enter this information in reverse chronological order.

One notable exception is if you are under age 14 or over age Most of Form GA is self-explanatory. The attorney listings on this form g 325a are paid attorney advertising. Since the questions are not numbered, we refer to them by the approximate line, dorm order. Line 14 Show below form g 325a occupation abroad if not listed above: I Adjustment of Status: USCIS will want to make very sure that your previous marriages, if any, are truly over and that none of them involved fraudulent efforts to get a green card.