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FMC Technologies is a market leader in supplying thermal wellhead systems for heavy oil applications. Technology developed in Canada over the past 25 years . Rated for working pressures to 15, psi, FMC Subsea Drilling Systems offers UWD subsea wellheads for a complete range of shallow and deepwater. FMC offers surface wellheads and trees for WAS with equipment designed with special considerations for minimizing wellhead and tree height and weight for.

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Wellheas is accomplished with a portable pneumatic-driven tool. Developed out of our subsea wellhead technology, the UWD is a 15, psi wellhead that combines advanced technology for high-pressure and hazardous-service environments.

FMC Surface Wellhead N Padre Island Dr Corpus Christi, TX Oil Field Equipment – MapQuest

Interference-type seals with nonextrusion backup rings provide secondary seal. Other sizes can tmc manufactured on request. Seals are tested to anticipated worst-case conditions. Some hangers are ported for hydraulic control lines, downhole safety valves or other qellhead as required by the customer. The seal bumps plastically deform during installation, filling scratches that may be present on the sealing surfaces. We manufacture both self-energized, straight-bore, metal seals and externally energized seals.

These rings compensate for the extrusion gaps caused by API casing tolerances and manufacturing head tolerances.

The company that would become part of FMC Energy Systems — a quarter of a century later — introduced one innovation wellheqd another as it committed its resources to designing and manufacturing superior wellhead systems for a growing roster of customers. Along with ffmc knowledgeable advice of your FMC Surface Wellhead representative, this publication is designed to help you make informed decisions in specifying the best, most cost-effective solutions for your surface wellhead applications.

We also understand that the best way to reduce your cost is to use the right equipment for your application.

The casing head is the lowest part of the wellhead assembly and is almost always connected to the surface casing string. Sub Assembly Eaton 3, reviews.

Sale of Wellhead Exploration for Jack-Up Applications Business to TechnipFMC

The operation can be executed with a portable pneumatic tool. In addition, some seal designs cannot keep a bubble-tight seal over the wide temperature ranges and large pressure variations encountered. The OD also protects the two seal bumps on the seal welohead OD from damage during installation. L ine FMC Surface Wellhead understands that the cost of your wellhead system is part of your purchasing criteria.


Based on 68, salaries. The casing is easy to access in the event pipe is stuck downhole, a feature that eliminates the need for complex casing cutters.

The PI seal is designed for use up to 15, psi working pressure and temperatures up to 75 o F or as low as welllhead F, depending on the elastomer selected. The SXS also accommodates configurations involving a combination of single and dual completions inside a single conductor. Hydraulic section is resistant to corrosion.

Our worldwide quality processes assure product uniformity, reliability, performance, safety and accountability: Utilizes lockdown screws for retention and energizing of seals. Fullscale field testing of products is also used to provide service reliability data on selected greases.

The HP-PN actuator will be sized to open the valve against full differential with the available control pressure. The Speedloc II uses a travel nut with a retainer bolt to secure the segments onto the hub.

In the process of listening to your needs and fulfilling them with appropriate technology, we developed a line of completion products that have become the industry’s standards for safety, performance and cost-effectiveness. The company introduced the first factory-assembled and tested Christmas tree, an innovation hailed as a landmark in efficiency, safety and cost-effectiveness.

Double FS Seals This design consists of two elastomeric-shaped seals located in grooves in the bottom of the tubing head. Multiple-String Tubing Hangers and Packoffs TC-Series multiple-string hangers and packoffs permit the independent suspension and sealing of multiple-tubing strings, allowing simultaneous production or injection to or from separate zones. They also felt such a system would be easier and safer to install and safer over the life of the wells, and that it would save them rig time during installation.

What FMC Surface Wellhead brings to the decision-making process is a unique combination of experience, performance, technological leadership, quality products and services, global reach and a robust HSE-driven commitment to safety with a safety record that no competitor can match. Lockdown screws are used. Endurance Test Cells — Automated life-cycle testing of gate valves. They are manufactured from compounds with long life expectancy in oil production environments.


The tubing head adapter provides a transition between the Christmas tree and the tubing head. Its design and elastomer compound enable excellent temperature and environmental resistance. FMC Energy Systems has experienced various applications of coiled tubing, including uses as initial production tubing to replace the jointed pipe, and use as a velocity string in existing completions, being snubbed into an existing well, artificial lift, gas lift, ESP completions and dual concentric strings.

When last-minute completion changes are possible, the TET is a good investment because no shop modification is needed to adapt it to any type of tubing completion. This design concept allows the maintenance to occur in a fraction of the time with conventional ESP completion methods. Assembler salaries in Los Angeles, CA Learn more about working at Eaton Eaton questions about work, benefits, interviews and hiring process: This can potentially damage the actuator.

When the well is completed, the tree is installed on top of the tubing head with a tubing head adapter. The movement of the T-ring automatically controls excessive seal stresses caused by elastomer expansion.

For additional information, go to www. Series gate valves come in trims for a complete range of water, oil and gas services — including corrosive, high-temperature, subsea, arctic, sand and steam.

At very low temperatures, the phenomenon of seal stress relaxation caused by elastomer shrinkage is again automatically compensated for by annulus pressure applied to the unbalanced area T-ring.

All FMC Energy Systems employees are responsible for With safety as a top-down, bottom-up responsibility — and with results tied to management and employee performance appraisals — our formal HSE safety program identifies and rewards behaviors that improve safety practices.