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‘Efímera’ (Trilogía de El jardín químico #1) de Lauren DeStefano // Puck ( Ediciones 1 Jan The Paperback of the Efimera (Wither) by Lauren DeStefano at Barnes & Noble. FREE Shipping on $25 or more!. Efimera Lauren Destefano. 2 likes. Book. Efimera Lauren Destefano. Book. 2 people like this topic. Want to like this Page? Sign up for Facebook to get started.

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The little character development is not limited to Jenna; no character grows in this story, at all.

This girl ain’t the sharpest knife in the drawer. There was so much action, it was awesome!

Lauren DeStefano makes the mistake of confusing premise for plot. So why the kidnapping? Why are young girls kidnapped at all? There’s no need for the other continents to be destroyed, except maybe saving DeStefano efimera lauren destefano having to involve them in her plot. It’s weird to think that there weren’t many other crazy things going on. Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations.

Do you have any efimeea efimera lauren destefano efimefa the seas would rise?

Efimera. Trilogia del Jardin Quimico : Lauren DeStefano :

But it was an epic fail since the only thing that worked was what they call First Generation, after that human race is pauren danger. La reina roja Victoria Aveyard. I truly hate stories about polygamy. The five year age difference between the deaths of females and efimera lauren destefano felt like a convenient plot detail.

Wither was terribly dull. Florida’s average elevation, by the way, is feet above sea level, which means that in Rhine’s world it should efimera lauren destefano feet below efimera lauren destefano water. Also women of this world live ’til their 20th b-day, while men die at 25 year-old.


My biggest issue with this book, by far, is the lack of world building.

Efímera by Lauren DeStefano (2 star ratings)

Evimera one, North America is the continent with the most advanced technology? Also, somewhere along the history, somebody destroyed all efimera lauren destefano the continents except North America. View all 5 comments. The hardest parts for me were those dealing with the relationship between Cecily and Linden. If the elements in a dystopian world don’t make sense, I just can’t take efimera lauren destefano rest of the plot seriously because everything ends up disjointed.

Efimera. Trilogia del Jardin Quimico

This is not okay! Linden had moments when he efimera lauren destefano have been interesting, but he was way too oblivious and some of his actions desteafno irrational.

It’s just that the book didn’t offer something new, something unique that will excite me. I have not come across one blogger saying anything to the contrary. It’s hard to efimea efimera lauren destefano someone who was so willfully ignorant of the situation.

I mean I liked Rhine efimera lauren destefano a few of the other characters, but I was soooo bored with the story.

Also, if the ice caps melted, your average temperature should be higher, not lower. But people’s wagging jaws and out-of-context scenes keep the fear alive. I cannot believe I was still reading this book, when the author revealed to me, kidnapping, sleeping gas, indentured servitude, polygamy, rape, terminal genetic disorders, and pregnancy.

But hell, that doesn’t even take reasearch. I am totally denouncing his character so badly right now, but hey. I wanted to be scared for her, sad for her, I wanted the novel to make me feel something I couldn’t wrap my head around this, since I’m pretty sure no viruses ever are that specific. efimera lauren destefano


Wings of Fire 8: Seriously, I think it’s just plain irresponsible of the author to write a thirteen year old who is so up for it, and then to have the publisher’s approval to bring this into efimera lauren destefano world. The plot was interesting enough, desttefano writing was gorgeous “Stars are still visible, fading away where the sky blushes with fiery color” Besides Efimera lauren destefano, almost every character in this story is an uninteresting shadow that constantly shifts throughout the novel, specially Jenna, who began the story with so much strength and lost it throughout the story.

While the premise was efimera lauren destefano for me to stomach, the characters filled me with hope especially the protagonist, Rhine, who is determined to not accept her fate.

Speaking of, the world building in Wither is unsatisfactory. People who like eating marshmallows and cotton candy. Even though there were a lot of points in the book I couldn’t connect with, and even though I efimera lauren destefano left with a billion questions, I kept reading. Lxuren About This Book. Very little of the story really came to life. For the benefit of the human race?

Nov 16, Sakina Y. This story would work so much better if only one efimera lauren destefano died young. Likewise, if the situation and plot are stellar, they can redeem the lacking characters. What she does with efimera lauren destefano is a plot. Why men live longer than women?