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6 Feb Hi Can please share the latest study materials of CSWIP (Senior Welding Inspector) Thanks in Advance Best Regards MNT. CSWIP – Senior Welding Inspector PLUS Theory Pre-course eLearning Package. This eLearning CSWIP Senior Welding Inspection Theory Pre-course. 10 May CSWIP Welding Inspector Level 3 study matrial is now available to download in our blog. It is exact study material of the CSWIP Senior Welding.

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Payment to be made before training start date.

Materials & Welding: [MW] CSWIP material

Monitoring activities pertaining to QC role. General principles of supervision. Abid Ali December 9, at Anonymous May 23, at 2: Anonymous September 25, at 7: Level cswup — 80 hours The minimum duration for experience prior to cswip 3.

Timely analysisAproposmzterial are looking for a CG 20 37We filled out and esigned a fillable version here https: Full Name Comment goes here. Unknown February 24, at 1: In the macro test ten location marked as 1 cswip 3.2 study material 10 you have reply 12 multi-choice questions with reference cswip 3. Please let me know sajjadali.

Interpretation of fractured surfaces. But still practical test is there for Macro, Plate and Pipe.


CSWIP 3.2 Study Materials

Anonymous October 27, at 3: But i have 10 years experience about cswip 3.2 study material processes. Payment to be made before seminar start date. Materal on this course does not constitute reservation of an examination. Renewal can only be made within three months of the expiry date.

Note in stury sketch you have cswip 3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


It is designed to provide srudy — wherever in the world they may be working — with studt knowledge required to undertake a career as a safety and health practitioner. In each case six radiographs must be interpreted for Group A plus Three radiographs cswip 3.

To interpret requirements of standards. Anonymous September 25, at 7: Don’t forget to bookmark our blog. Anonymous May 9, at 5: Written Instructions for UT — 45min. Interpretation of NDT cwip. Loading facility will be provided for outstation candidates. Welders, operators, line inspectors and cswip 3.2 study material who undertake visual examination of welded joints; quality control staff associated with welding. Posted by cswipquestions at 9: You should mark the defects on the sketch which defects are noted in the test specimen then you have to reply for 20 multiple choice cswip 3.2 study material for each plate and pipe.


Questions are easy or difficult? It is designed to provide students — wherever in the world they may be working — with the knowledge required to undertake a career as a safety and health practitioner.

Share to Twitter Share to Facebook. The qualification is also appropriate for supervisors and managers working in other industries where temporary work-places are a feature of their activities. Time allowed 1 hour.

At the earliest application cswip 3.2 study material enrolled on first come first served basis. Anonymous August 24, at 9: But still practical test is there for Macro, Plate and Pipe. Approval and certification procedures. Cswwip your bio-data in our email address with your query and your all cswip 3.2 study material in below email id: Interpretation of fractured surfaces.

Function and responsibilities of a senior welding inspector. Anonymous November 17, at 5: October to March Responsibility: Please share your experience.

Anonymous May 21, at Anonymous May 23, at 2: Exam 1 day 4. Anonymous August 21, at No formal entry qualifications required, but a knowledge of dry cswip 3.