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Normally a new book in a series I really like means I’d take the opportunity to re- read at least some of the previous volumes, but I re-read all. Conspirator (Foreigner, book 10) by C J Cherryh – book cover, description, publication history. Buy a cheap copy of Conspirator book by C.J. Cherryh. First in a brand-new Foreigner trilogy from Hugo Award winning author C. J. Cherryh. Cajeiri is the young.

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Don’t think it’s all that light, though. The civil war among the alien atevi has ended. Jun 22, Jeannen rated it it was ok.

The series is excellent. The series becomes repetitive, the descriptions of the background information cosnpirator Bren’s inner monologue longer and longer, the action more confusing, the progress of the plot minuscle.

Cherryh’s written another one!!! May 04, Estara rated it it was amazing Shelves: However, while I have read the first six novels several times, the next three were read only once and number ten was a struggle to complete. I tuck one in now and then as a special reading treat.

Well, that doesn’t go so well. The politics in the Capitol have forced Bren from his temporary residence to his home on the coast, which he decides isn’t such a bad thing.

And he gets to take the cool headed high road after she predictably acts out like chetryh child. They are so very real and so brilliantly portrayed, they develop, they change, we learn more about them. Initially, I was not impressed with cherrhh lead character – Bren Cameron – because he struck me as insecure and whinny. He’s an alien of both worlds and so is of neither. I’m waiting for the arc of this trilogy to gain some momentum, but am losing I wanted to like this book because I’ve enjoyed the first several books in the series, and in fact have re-read them several times.


A district that chrrryh was considered a safe haven might now be a trap. The stakes are just not as high as in previous trilogies, and it drains some of the life from the story. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

I enjoyed it and look forward to what the next book will bring. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

Everyone who has been following the series this far will be impatiently waiting for the arrival of the Kyo a second alien race encountered in Explorer to arrive on the atevi homeworld; I knew from the back cover blurbs that this was not going to happen yet, and in consequence, was somewhat concerned that Cherry might just be treading water here, but as it turned out, I need not have worried.

I enjoyed it less when it abruptly came to an end and we didn’t see exactly what was going on with Barb and Bren. The novel does not quite end on a cliffhanger but leaves things mostly unresolved at its end, and I was glad that I had waited until the complete arc was released before starting on it. Bren’s old apartment is occupied by a clan with a claim to it and the aiji doesn’t want to throw them out but nudge them out slowly. His love for engineering kept coming into use to help him and his aishid both get in and out of trouble.

A working vacation with sailing, fishing trips and a visit from his brother in the planning seems to be just what the doctor ordered, so Bren and his household pack everything up and head to the coast. Another classic from C. From the Paperback edition.

And he gets to take the cool headed high road after she pr So glad that I waited til all three were out. Barb’s not liked by many and only acts in a manner that makes her even less likeable, causing Bren to perform a lot of cleanup. Goodreads helps you cberryh track of books you want to read. Bren and his brother reach an understanding, Bren’s household is confronted by an shocking amount of raw human emotion, Tabini-aiji learns from afar how to help his son, the dowager great-grandmother Ilisidi rearranges the politics of the planet more or less casually on a drive-by, and Bren stops worryijng about his apartment and his technology ban.


Conspirator (Foreigner, book 10) by C J Cherryh

Trivia About Conspirator Fore What he leaves behind is one very disgruntled Cajeiri, who takes it upon himself and The jacket blurb for this book is generic to the point of pointless, since the story revolves chergyh Bren, the Dowager, and the young gentleman Cajeiri as the characters and plot moves forward.

From the Paperback edition. The focus is still on the political intrigue and the dificulties in balancing several chwrryh incompatible inte The series becomes repetitive, the descriptions of the background information and Bren’s inner monologue longer and longer, the action more confusing, the progress of the plot minuscle. And none of these novels are right without Ilisidi, his great-grandmother, and close friend of Bren.

To avoid conflict, Bren has decided to absent himself from the Conpirator and visit Najida, his country estate on the west coast. A visit and some relaxation are long overdue. This and the next book in the series remain one of my favourite conspirtaor within the larger Foreigner story line. But factions that remain loyal to the opposition are still present, and the danger these rebels pose is far from over.