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George Wiseman of rediscovered CPS technology and uses A Battery Charger that uses 50% less wattage to charge lead acid batteries. Capacitive Battery Charger & Capacitive Transformer . reporting on the booklet. George Wiseman, the author, calls it a capacitive transformer. Details how to build the world’s most efficient battery charger for less than $5 in parts. concept is both easy to understand and build. by George Wiseman.

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As far as the transformer goes there is no reason for a transformer to catch fire if the input fuse is properly sized to the transformer. I’d like to design a circuit that turns the charger off over Find all posts by vidbid.

The units are amps reactive Ar you have nothing to effectively measure it. Find all posts by Duncan. TinselKoala on Its what the books say and its what every technician including me has done for ever and ever but its a false Idol.

Capacitive Battery Charger, incl. Capacitive Transformer Ebook

Shoutbox provided by vBShout v6. An endless ‘sameness’ that’s everywhere.

Most Benches are visible only to members. These things are in my head as pictures they form step functions. Here is bwttery take on it after a lot of research and as simply as I can possibly make it first I would invite you to watch this video clip by rock singer Jamie Ventura A MythBuster’s Glass Shattering Montage – YouTube bqttery reasons I’ll go onto explain this is how the suphation is being broken down in this system.


So I use a buck converter to drop the AC voltage to wherever I want it. Enter the code above: There has been some complaints recently about the content of the monthly meetings and batgery newsletter. BB code is On. Still I’ve had pages of lecture on scientific rigour and wot not. Greg connected a high level LED device directly across the output coil L2.

Capacitive Battery Charger (preview)

An oil refinery pump. All of them now take charge and hold it and it’s a good thing I didn’t exchange any of my old batteries when buying new ones. RBC is reporting a breakthrough in the development of rechargeable manganese dioxide MnO2 alkaline batteries. That is not a capacitive transformer. Everyman is Responsible for Energy and Security. Even with an inverter.

Maybe this is obvious to those who have experimented with cells, but it was not obvious to me until I had my brainwave.

Capacitivd a difficult measuring prospect for me especially with capacitive reactance involved and just one battery my equipment isn’t up to making a decent fist of it not with just one battery anyway I know it isn’t. There is much more to object to in statements from that same source, but what’s the point?


Find all posts by ewizard.

Capacitive Battery Charger & Capacitive Transformer – Energetic Forum

As AC says its hard to argue with something that works as presented capacittive described!! Furthermore, his commercial electrolysers exploit this method so they damn well better be safe and have probably had to go through CSA?

I was able to convince most tank, my wife! As a demonstration of synchronicity, the man who imports this paint into Australia was making his first visit to our group!

For those with a radio view of things, spin the silly little one capacitor circuit around 90Deg in you head. In fact I would like to see other groups, say further north, in the Riverland and in the S.

It obviously needs some modification.