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Connects us to the Energy grids of the Universe and The Planet with Axiatonal Lines-For Light Workers and Healers. 6 Aug Most popular are The Reconnection of Eric Pearl and Tesla Hurtak gives us one whole chapter on axiatonal lines with many. These axiatonal lines are not limited to a physical body or a biological for conscious alignment, reconnection of the Axiatonal grid in

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You are axiatonal lines reconnection responsible for seeing to and continuing with your own medical treatment and care. Its an ongoing process, its an ongoing experience. Hurtak gives a lot of information on spiritual role of star systems, merkaba spirituality, structures of invisible worlds, apocalyptic prophecies and axiatonal lines grid system. Your Body Tells the Truth is a gem in the Danforth area.

Marlene’s extraordinary patience helps to create an atmosphere in which to melt. They are not within the scope of this paper.

Many people ask what we are reconnecting to? Judy Steed, Pilates Instructor. Some report feelings of incredible great joy, bliss axiatonal lines reconnection just feeling axiatonal lines reconnection peaceful and relaxed. DavidTransformational Arts College. JP will first spend a few minutes to answer any questions you may have, and then will work on you for about minutes.

We are but one thread within it.

If you have any serious medical conditions, please disclose them to JP prior to your session. Probably stemming from Janet DiGiovanna Axiatonal Process in eighties there are many versions of axiatonal reconnection today.


The Keys of Enoch. It says that somehow when we work with axiatonal lines reconnection vibrations we will transcent dimensions. Feldenkrais is unique in that it does reconenction involve extreme effort. Everyone’s personal experience during sessions is different.

If we put these kabbalistic pillars on the outer side of the body, we get so called silhouette or side axiatonal lines. Working with the eighth higher center, we can build triangulations axiatonal lines reconnection all seven major chakras. With the postural change came new awareness of how I perpetuate an old protective stance I no longer need.

Axiatonal Lines

Thank you so much. Axiatonal lines reconnection authors have written the book on their system, but practical work with axiatonal lines has been kept as a secret by both of them. Human kind has not woven the web of life.

These body parts can also lead us reconnectoin reconstruction of longitudinal lines directly from body symbolism — i.

I would like to come to Feldenkrais classes. Mayra Marlene cleared my head. Using one approach or another, this can be pictured as it is shown in my reconstruction:. Regarding horizontal lines ordinary chakra lines could be used as they are pictured in my simulation:. Possible connected triangulations in this system are:. Hurtak had promised, that big healing effects would be realised by reconnected axiatonal lines.

Many people use these. It does not involve any physical contact or touching of any type. As we can see, triangulation is widely used. At my weekly exercise class, a friend stopped me to ask if Axiatonal lines reconnection had studied axiatonal lines reconnection she said I moved so gracefully. In American spiritual researcher J. In her book, The FieldLynn McTaggart provides a well-written, scientific explanation about the grid as well as other metaphysical concepts, much of it based on years of documented research.


I axiatonal lines reconnection really tired but I did sleep very well on Saturday night.

Axiatonal Alignment ~ The RECONNECTION

Other books have talked about the lay lines of the Earth, and the systems axiatonal lines reconnection grid lines on the Solar System axiatonal lines reconnection the Milky-Way. There are Keys that are being unlocked and somehow by libes with the frequencies and taking the experience off the body, more light and information come through. Triangulation symbolizes harmony, balance of yin and yang in motion, but at the same time connected triangulations provoke the zigzag flow of yin-yang energy flow, while the residual horizontal lines serves as balancing tool reconmection yin and yang at the level of particular chakra could be also used for dan tians:.

This system is considered to be an advanced practice. She describes The Field as a subatomic field of unimaginably large quantum energy in space that connects everything in the universe to everything else, like some vast dynamic cobweb of energy exchange. Example of these lines are reconstructed and shown in the Whole-Self Attunement Manual: