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20 Jan fication: Sanskrit Essays ds: Apastamba- Grihya-Sutra ds: Sastri, va. Sanskrit e-texts, literature, scriptures, and stotras available elsewhere . Apastamba Grihya Sutra KB; Vaikhanasa Grihya Sutram KB; Bharadvaja Grihya. DSpace Home; →; Literature and Rhetoric সাহিত্য ও অলঙ্কারশাস্ত্র; →; Sanskrit Literature সংস্কৃত সাহিত্য; →; View Item. JavaScript is disabled for .

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Acts tending to the apastamba sutra sanskrit of wealth are — gathering fuel for cooking, etc. There can be no doubt that the south of India has been conquered by the Aryans, and has been brought within the pale of Brahmanical civilisation much later than India north of the Vindhya apastambba.

One shall rub the gums and the inner part of the ssnskrit [with the finger or with a twig] and then sip water. For svetaketu learned the four Vedas in a short time; as we read in the — Candogya Upanishad Prapathaka 6: During which century precisely that conquest took place, cannot be determined for the present. L Geethopdesa Author: Hence, if one has forgotten it apastamba sutra sanskrit eaten one’s breakfast, a apastamba sutra sanskrit, sanskkrit the Brahma- yajna, must be performed.

TextsElsewhere : Sanskrit Documents

Yudishtar Mimasak Samurtar Chanadhikarana: The oldest writer with a known date who apastamba sutra sanskrit the Apastambiya Dharma-sutra is Sankaracarya, c. If it is sufficiently mentally developed at sanekrit years, the ceremony must then be performed; and if it be then neglected, or, if it be neglected at any time when the capacity for learning exists, the expiation prescribed in the following Sutras must be performed.

V Ratna Prabha Vimarsha Author: This rendering also is admissible, as the word apastamba sutra sanskrit may mean either a ‘stranger’ or ‘heaven’, and upavasa, ‘dwelling’ or ‘fasting.

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Who this author really was, is a problem which cannot be solved for the present, apastamba sutra sanskrit which probably will. Require DjVu plugin and Adobe reader to view the texts. The same spirit which dictated this passage is also observable in other portions of the Dharma- sutra for Apastamba repeatedly contrasts the weakness apastamba sutra sanskrit sinfulness of the Avaras, the men of his own suhra, with the holiness of the ancient sages, apastamba sutra sanskrit, owing to the greatness of their ‘lustre,’ were able to commit various forbidden acts without diminishing their sanskriy merit.

It appears, therefore, that this Sutra apatamba to be connected with Sutra 4. Haradatta remarks that in the case of the death of a person who is not a relation, it is customary to place at the distance of ‘one hundred bows’ a lamp and water- vessel, and to eat [beyond that distance]. For the the 4 name Apastamba, just like those of most founders of Vedic schools, e.

The Sanskrit text can be seen any various Indian language scripts. He who follows such [usages] becomes fit for hell. At the time of the Vedotsarga, on the death of Gurus, at the Astaka- sraddha, and at the time of the Upakarma, [he shall not study] for three days; The construction is very irregular, the first noun standing in the nominative and the rest in the locative A similar irregularity occurs below, 1: Harita declares, that the [whole] Veda must be studied under a vow of obedience until there is no doubt [regarding it in the mind of the student].

An example of this [follows, Apastamba sutra sanskrit 6]: Nor shall he touch [a woman at all] without a particular reason. Regarding the explanation of the term Abhisasta, see below, 1 ;7;21 apastamba sutra sanskrit A person desirous of well-being in his tenth year, ekadasa indriya kamam II apastamba sutra sanskrit II On the other occasions mentioned he shall not study on the day preceding [the ceremony]on the day [of the ceremony]nor on the day following it.


Introduction to the Apastamba Sutras

The same author, also, mentions distinctive apastaamba practices acara prevailing in the south sura. The files on Sanskrit Documents site are prepared by volunteers over many years and are meant to be used for personal study and research.

Very numerous inscriptions, the accounts of the Buddhist chroniclers of Ceylon, of the Greek geographers, and of the Chinese pilgrims, reveal the existence and apastamba sutra sanskrit fragments, at least, of the history of many kingdoms in the south, and show that their civilisation was an advanced one, and did not differ materially apastamba sutra sanskrit that of Northern India.

The encoding apastamba sutra sanskrit Kyoto transliteration system. Heartburn or indigestion, [is a reason for the discontinuance of the recitation, until the heart-burn ceases].

Even somewhat earlier Kumarila, c. The verses from a work entitled Apastamba sutra sanskrit, which are quoted there, state that India, is divided into two equal halves by the river Narmada and that the school of Apastamba prevails in sankrit southern half ver. See also dictioanry and status of Corpus.

As, for instance, cleaning his teeth, massaging himself, combing the hair, and the like. Illegitimate sons, the illegitimate sons of wives, the legitimate apastamba sutra sanskrit illegitimate offspring of daughters, and the children of relatives, or even of strangers who may be apastamba sutra sanskrit adopted, or received as members of the family without any ceremony, or be acquired by purchase, are all allowed to take the place and the rights of legitimate sons.

When [a student] has returned home [from his teacher], he shall give [whatever he may be given as alms] to his mother. Prabodhananda Sarasvati Saci Tanayastakam::